Best Beaches On Maui, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Maui, Hawaii
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The best beaches on Maui, Hawaii and how to get to each one.

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Maui is one of the most popular islands with visitors, and it's not hard to understand why. It's a special place with very special beaches. But your time on Maui is limited so you can't afford to waste time at a less than spectacular beach, so we've taken the time to visit them all and compile a list of Maui's best beaches. No need to thank us for this difficult work, it's truly our pleasure.

Here's our list of the best beaches on Maui, Hawaii.

Ka'anapali Beach

It's one of the most popular beaches, if not the most popular, in all of Maui. The entire beach is dotted with mega-resorts, restaurants, and shopping. You could literally spend your entire vacation without ever leaving this resort area (though we hope you don't!). The water is often very calm, very clear, and just often perfect. It's going to be crowded for sure, but it's a big beach with plenty of room to spread out. And when you need a break for food you're covered! Some people like the more crowded north end (which is technically Black Rock Beach (Pu'u Keka'a)) while others prefer the less crowded south end. More at: Ka'anapali Beach

Kapalua Bay Beach

We often tell visitors that Kapalua Beach is a must visit beach, it's just that good. It has a classic crescent shape with clear, blue waters. It's so inviting and a fun place to splash around or just hang out with some amazing views. More at: Kapalua Bay Beach

Wailea Beach Park

Wailea is an epic beach with perfect, talcum-powder-like sand that's great for making sand castles (and sticking to you). The views are gorgeous and the backdrop is of some of Maui's finest resorts. The water is often warm, clear, and perfect in every way. This is a perfect beach in every way except for how crowded it gets. More at: Wailea Beach Park

Big Beach (Oneloa/Makena Beach) at Makena State Park

It has a lot of names but Big Beach is the most common one as well as the most descriptive. This is a big beach! There are two things to expect here: crowds and heat. This is a popular beach and it also gets very hot out here, especially as there is no shade around so use plenty of sunscreen to Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Skin Cancer. More at: Big Beach (Oneloa/Makena Beach) at Makena State Park

Napili Bay Beach

This one is a real life postcard. Classic crescent shaped beach? Yes! Often calm and clear water? Yes! Of course, the secret is out so don't expect to have Napili Beach all to yourself. The biggest issue with Napili is the parking situation since it doesn't have a dedicated parking lot. That means you're stuck looking for street parking. So go early or bring your lucky rabbit's foot! More at: Napili Bay Beach

Kamaole Beach Park III

Why is it called Kamaole III? Because there is also Kamaole Beach Park I and Kamaole Beach Park II (Iliiliholo Beach). They're all very similar and all right next to each other but Kam 3 (as it's often called) is our favorite. Besides, it also has the biggest parking lot of the three beaches. On weekends all three will be packed so go early or try a weekday. More at: Kamaole Beach Park III

D.T. Fleming Beach Park

You don't need to be a certified beach doctor to know that this is just an all around great beach. Assuming the ocean is calm, this is a fun place to set up shop for a day. There are some shady bits, bathrooms, showers, and even a lifeguard which we always like to see. More at: D.T. Fleming Beach Park

H.A. Baldwin Beach Park

Baldwin is a lovely and large stretch of sand that, while it brings in crowds, usually doesn't feel overly crowded. It's pretty solid in terms of amenities (bathrooms, showers, etc) but also has that vibe of a great beach. That impossible-to-explain feeling of relaxation you get when you're at a truly great beach. Come try Baldwin Beach, you'll be glad you did. More at: H.A. Baldwin Beach Park

Ulua Beach Park

Ulua Beach is just north of world famous Wailea Beach Park and has a similar feel but is smaller and usually far less crowded. It's located behind the lovely Andaz Maui At Wailea so you know it's a special beach. It has the darker brown and very powdery sand that is common along beaches in this area as well as the crystal clear water we all love. More at: Ulua Beach Park

Wai'anapanapa Black Sand Beach

Black sand beaches are such a fun thing to see in person. There is something incredible about the dark black combining with the rich blues of the ocean. In the case of Waianapanapa Beach, infinite shades of green are added to the color pallet and for the ultimate painting of a true Hawaiian paradise. Bring a camera and make the trip here, it's a must visit beach for sure. More at: Wai'anapanapa Black Sand Beach