Best Beaches On Lanai, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Lanai, Hawaii
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The best beaches on Lanai, Hawaii and how to get to each one.

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Lanai is a pretty tiny island and while it has plenty of coastline, it doesn't offer all that many beaches. What's worse is that only a few of the beaches are easily accessible. In most cases you need to do some serious off road driving on some rough trails and possibly some hiking. But the good news is that the payoff for all of that hard work will be some breathtaking and very secluded beaches.

Here's our list of the best beaches on Lanai, Hawaii.

Hulopo'e Bay Beach Park

This is Lanai's most popular beach by far. It's one of the most accessible on the island and it's also the one that's located right behind the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay so everyone staying there will be here as well. Even though it's so popular, it rarely feels overcrowded. This is Lanai after all, it's not an overly populated island. It has bathrooms, showers, BBQ's, and some nice shady trees. You can even camp here if that's your thing. More at: Hulopo'e Bay Beach Park

Kaiolohia Bay (Shipwreck Beach)

If you compare the actual beach area and swimming conditions to other beaches on other islands you might wonder how this is a "best beach" at all. Well, it's really not a great beach using traditional measures. But it's incredibly unique and a really fun place to visit because it has a giant shipwreck sitting offshore. It's an amazing site to see and pretty spooky at the same time but one that keeps bringing people in. It's not going to be busy here, you may even have it all to yourself. It's not a place you'll swim due to reefy areas and dangerous currents, but come to hang out, read a book, or comb the beach for washed up treasure. More at: Kaiolohia Bay (Shipwreck Beach)

Polihua Beach

If the drive to Garden of the Gods / Keahiakawelo was "no big deal" for you then continuing on to Polihua Beach might not be so bad. On the other hand, if you feel like the ball bearing inside of a spray paint can by this point then this isn't your beach. If you do make it you're certainly in for a treat and won't have to worry about any crowds what-so-ever. More at: Polihua Beach

Halepalaoa Beach / Kahalepalaoa Beach

You'll only get here via 4x4 and a long and very bumpy trail or by a boat. This beach, located on Lanai's east coast, was actually the site of an old hotel called Club Lanai that no longer exists. If you want a secluded beach, it's hard to beat this one. More at: Halepalaoa Beach / Kahalepalaoa Beach

Lopa Beach

Lopa is another beach on Lanai's east side and just a bit further south from Halepalaoa Beach / Kahalepalaoa Beach. So if you made it as far as the old Club Lanai and found a crowd of 1 or more people, you can continue on to Lopa and probably have it all to yourself. Of course, it's still only accessible via 4x4 and it's going to be a long and bumpy ride so pack accordingly. More at: Lopa Beach