Ka'anapali Beach

4.5 stars from 15 reviews
Address 2525 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina, HI 96761
Probably the most famous beach in Maui. Great for water sports with clear blue water and a fine sandy beach.

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Full Description
Ka'anapali Beach is one of the big names that most people who visit Maui have heard of. It's sort of the Waikiki Beach (Main / Center) of Maui.

It's located in west Maui and is more of an area than just a beach. The Ka'anapali Resort is a massive complex with many hotel / resorts within it, and it's all located within the city of Lahaina.

Ka'anapali Beach itself is dotted with some of the biggest resorts on the island, as well as a large, air shopping complex called Whalers Village. You could literally visit Maui and stay and play in the Ka'anapali area without ever leaving and without ever using your rental car. We don't recommend that as Maui has too much else to offer but that's just how much is packed into this spot (see Do I Need A Rental Car In Hawaii?).

This beach is very long with plenty of powdery sand to stretch out and play in. It's full of tons of clear water to swim in and cool off in. If you want to do some snorkeling then checkout the far north end at Black Rock Beach (Pu'u Keka'a). This is a great family beach and usually has very gentle waves and is connected to Ka'anapali Beach.

All of the hotels in this area are connected by a nice beach walk that parallels the beach and makes foot travel the preferred method in this area.

It's a great beach and all of the hotels, shops, and restaurants around only add to the whole experience here. It's certainly a place to visit for a day if you aren't staying here already. Of course, that means finding public parking which isn't always easy. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. For more on that, see our Ka'anapali Beach Parking Guide.

Erik G
Joined: Jul 2016
Reviews: 32
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Ka’anapali beach is one of my favorite beaches on Maui. With the beach right outside our hotel it was a very short walk and the fact that it is such a large beach you don’t feel like you are on top of someone all the time. The water is usually very calm and relaxing.
Aimee T
Joined: Jan 2018
Reviews: 21
Likes Received: 0
A great beach, especially when you're staying here and can just walk a few feet and have your toes in the sand. The waves here are so gentle most of the time. Great place to relax, people watch, and swim.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
Reviews: 803
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I'm a huge fan of this beach. It's not the best beach on Maui, not even close, but it offers so much that it's a great beach overall. It's very long so even though it's a busy beach you can find room to stretch out. If you're staying at one of the hotels here, the walk to the beach takes all of a second or two. On top of that, there are tons of food options all around here so it's very convenient.
Brett D
Joined: Mar 2017
Reviews: 56
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One of my favorite beaches in Maui, we stay usually right on this beach. There is so much to offer around the area. The water is always nice to do any kind of sport we want to do. The beach is easy to walk. If not staying in the area you got to at least make it a stop for a day.
Lisa F
Joined: Jan 2017
Reviews: 48
Likes Received: 13
A bit overrated as it can be so crowded with tourists. Yes the snorkeling is very good as well as the view for sunsets. And yes, you can hotel hop and eat anywhere or go to the Whaler's Village to shop. Just prefer more quiet places to spend my day on the beach.
Vickey W
Joined: Mar 2017
Reviews: 123
Likes Received: 46
We love Maui, have been twice, and our first stay was at The Whaler on Ka'anapali Beach. We loved walking on the beach and being able to stroll down to Whaler's Village was great. Loved sitting out on the beach early in the mornings, sipping our coffee, and watching the sun come up and at the end of a beautiful sunny day. We enjoy relaxing on the beach with a drink and watched as the sun went down. This beach was always busy but not over crowded.
Joined: Jul 2016
Reviews: 29
Likes Received: 8
This is a very nice beach leading to black rock snorkeling. But be aware that waves can kick right up to the walking path in rough weather. You can get squeezed between the waves and sandbanks! There are nice restaurants and many shops along this area and a very interesting history of whaling museum. Many luaus choices are available. Some of the big hotels do not seem authentic. Maybe Lahaina? DO watch children at all times here as the waves can knock them down and pull them out. Be alert for each other!
brandy s
Joined: May 2016
Reviews: 47
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One of the best beaches on Maui. Long white sand beach with parasailing, shopping, and restaurants lining the beach trail. The surf here can be excellent for body boarding and if you head north to Black Rock there is excellent snorkeling and cliff diving. Although parking can be difficult if you are not staying in one of nearby hotels, it is well worth the parking fee!
Joined: May 2016
Reviews: 67
Likes Received: 2
We are staying in Lahaina, not known for its wonderful beaches. I'm glad this spot is only in the next town over. It's kind of a pain traveling to get to the beach, but it was our only choice. The bus only takes about 20 minutes from Lahaina and drops you off at Whalers Village where you can walk straight through the mall and get onto a paved walkway that follows the beach. It's busy, and has a resort feel to it, but snorkeling is pretty good and the scenery is great. It's not the most stunning beach on Maui, but it certainly beats the Lahaina beaches. Worth a stop in!
Heather M
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 57
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For what it is, this beach is actually really nice. I prefer to visit beaches that have few, if any, resorts/hotels etc at the backdrop, but in many sections, this beach is so expansive that you forget the resorts are right behind you.
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