Hawaii Travel Itineraries

Hawaii Travel Itineraries
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Traveling to Hawaii but don't know where to begin? Check our vacation itineraries for each island.

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Planning a trip to Hawaii is a huge task if you've never been here before. It's still pretty tough even if you've seasoned Hawaii vacationer. So let our travel itineraries make your trip planning easier. Combined with our Hawaii Travel Planner, we'll make sure you get to see all of the best places Hawaii has to offer.

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And now, on to our travel itineraries. Just click the island you plan to visit to get started:

Oahu Itinerary - Intro

Plan a complete trip to Oahu, The Gathering Place, with travel itineraries to cover one to nine days of travel. More at: Oahu Itinerary - Intro

Maui Itinerary - Intro

Dreaming of Maui? You're not alone as Maui, The Valley Isle, is one of our most popular destinations. Our travel itinerary covers one to 9 days in this Hawaiian paradise. More at: Maui Itinerary - Intro

Kauai Itinerary - Intro

Kauai is known as The Garden Isle because it's incredible lush and full of life. Just about anything grows here and we'll show you all of the hot spots for a vacation of one to seven days. More at: Kauai Itinerary - Intro

Big Island Itinerary - Intro

Hawaii Island is known simply as The Big Island because it's so massive and is larger than all of the other major islands combined. It's also the only island with a highly active volcano! Our itinerary covers one to nine days on this lava filled paradise. More at: Big Island Itinerary - Intro

Lanai Itinerary - Intro

Lanai, or The Pineapple Island, is incredibly small, only has around 3,000 residents, and offers a slower pace of life. If you're looking for a unique adventure then you'll want to read our Lanai itinerary that covers one to five days of travel. More at: Lanai Itinerary - Intro

Molokai Itinerary - Intro

Molokai is known as The Friendly Isle and is filled with the aloha spirit. This is about as close to Old Hawaii as you can get these days and that's exactly how the people here plan to keep it. More at: Molokai Itinerary - Intro