Hawaii's Best Beaches

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Our top picks for the best beaches on each of the Hawaiian islands.

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Best Beaches On Maui, Hawaii
It's the most common question we get from new visitors as well as seasoned Hawaii veterans, "What are Hawaii's best beaches?"

Well, we're here to answer that question for you with a complete list of the best beaches on each island. Let's get started by choosing which island you want to find the best beaches on.

Best Beaches On Maui, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Oahu, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Big Island, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Kauai, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Lanai, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Molokai, Hawaii

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The Best Beach on the Big Island is Magic Sands Beach. Now I am prejudice because it is right across the street from the condo that we rent every year. However, it is nice because we get up in the morning and watch the surfers and at night we have a nice sunset. However this year, there is a restaurant that they build beside the beach that we are excited to eat at. We just hope all the sands comes back before we get there next year.
carol w
Joined: Nov 2017
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The most unique beach on the Big Island is called Magic Sands Beach. Our family stays across in the condo from the Magic Sands beach. The name comes from the disappearing of the sandy beach. When the tide is high it will bring the sand in, when the tide is low it will take all the sand out and all that remains is lots of rocks. It's magic.
deborah c
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Breathtaking! You have got to visit. You will never see anything like it in you life. The breathtaking experience will stay with you for a lifetime. Wild waves, beautiful beach. Sand is soft. Watch the surfers ride some of the biggest waves in the world. The locals are friendly and treat you like they have a life long friendship with you. Absolutely the best place to see and experience surfing at its finest.
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