Crazy Signs That Can Only Be Found In Hawaii

Crazy Signs That Can Only Be Found In Hawaii
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Anywhere you go there are signs that tell you directions or give you information, but these signs are unique to Hawaii.

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Kapu means "Forbidden" in Hawaiian. This warning is not taken lightly here, like at Poliahu Heiau.

Surf's Up

If there is a good swell expect a lot of small shops to be closed because their employees will be surfing.

Beware Of Falling Coconuts

Coconuts are a tasty treat, but they can kill you here at Hapuna Beach State Park or wherever there is a coconut palm.

Coconut Weather

Of course, when the coconuts aren't using you for target practice they can be useful weather instruments as show by this sign at the Lava Lava Beach Club Restaurant.

Lock Your Car

Sadly, there are people here that will take advantage of the fact that you are a tourist like this sign says at Hapuna Beach State Park.


If you see the word sacred please be respectful and heed that warning, for example here at Poliahu Heiau.


A Heiau is quite simply an ancient Hawaiian temple and it is meant to be revered like this one at Poliahu Heiau.

Oh My

Ok, this sign could be found anywhere, but sometimes the Menehune like to mess with things. Cheeky little creatures!


Take this warning seriously, Hawaii Box Jellyfish stings really do hurt!

Enter At Your Own Risk

This one is no joke, swim and surf at your own risk at many beaches like Kaunala (Velzyland) Beach.

Pick Up After Yourself

It's everyone's responsibility to keep Hawaii beautiful and cleaning up after yourself is a huge part of that here at Honolua Bay and everywhere!


Don't laugh at this one, if the water is brown you really should stay out like here at Honolua Bay.

It Would Really Suck To Die On Vacation

If you see a sign with the word "Killed" on it and there are ticks marks on it for the number of people that have died here, you may want to take that advice. Like here at Larsen's Beach (Ka'aka'aniu Beach).

Or if the sign has ticks for near drownings too. Secret Beach (Kauapea Beach) / Secrets.

Helpful Information

There are signs that tell you everything that you need to know like this one at Ho'okena Beach Park.

Or this one at Pebble Beach.

This bonus sign even gives you a number for equipment rentals at Ho'okena Beach Park.

No Cats Allowed

There are some beaches where domestic animals are not allowed, like here at Onekahakaha Beach Park.

Surfing Etiquette

Don't hog the waves Bro! This sign at Honoli'i Beach Park can be helpful for new surfers.

Hands Off

If you see a monk seal, turtle or any other wildlife leave them alone! There are laws in Hawaii that protect many of our creatures here. Be respectful and heed signs like this one at Manini Beach / Kapahukapu Beach.

Pay To Park

There will be beaches where you have to pay to park there like Waialea Bay (Beach 69).

Watch Your Step

Yep, you read that right! There may be unexploded ordnances here at Waialea Bay (Beach 69).

Just Saying Hello

Sometimes you'll run across a friendly sign like this one at Pine Trees Beach / Kohanaiki Beach Park.