Kaunala (Velzyland) Beach

Kaunala (Velzyland) Beach
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Address 58-131 Napoonala Pl, Haleiwa, HI 96712
Lovely little known secluded North Shore beach.

• Type: Dog Friendly • Sand Type: White • Surfing Level: Advanced

Located approximately a mile north of Sunset Beach, Velzyland is a hidden jewel seldom visited by tourists. Surfers worldwide will recognize the beach from the pages of Surfer Magazine. The waves here is for recommended for advanced surfers only, with it's aggressive dual break and sharp lava reef. During the winter months, the surf at Velzyland can be exceptionally large.

Velzyland is accessible through the private gated Sunset Colony and a narrow closed access road a bit further further North. The beach itself is steep with a quarter crescent shape. Beach itself has white sand, with trees that shade the back of it. There are reefs that protrude off shore, which creates a bit of hazard for surfers.

Although Velzyland is a family friendly beach, the local surfers can be quite territorial. Especially with parking, since it is so scarce. There is limited legal parking outside of Sunset Colony, where there is one of the access points to the beach. The Sunset Colony is a private residential neighborhood, and visitors should be respectful when passing entering and crossing the street to the access. There is no public parking inside the gates.

There are no restrooms or showers. It's best to visit during mid week, as weekends can be a bit more crowded. Of the beaches in the Pupukea region of the North Shore, this is one of the least crowded. Although beach access is provided by the city, many won't visit because of the awkwardness of walking into the private gates at the Sunset Colony. It may feel like the beach is privately owned by residents, but its a public beach.

Velzyland is a beautiful, serene beach with pro-level surf during the winter. One of Oahu's hidden treasure for those who know about it.