Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach
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Phone (808) 323-4322
Address Mapuna Rd, Honaunau , HI 96726
Black pebble beach. Don't swim here, too dangerous, but pretty to see.

• Parking: Poor / Few • Good For: Sunrises

Pebble Beach got its name because instead of a sandy beach it's full of pebbles. The pebbles are black so it gives the appearance of a black sand beach but it won't be sandy here.

The ocean here is full of coral reefs, native fish, and other marine life. Snorkeling sounds like a good idea, but it's not. There are strong currents and a rough shore break that will probably get you hurt.

This is a beach you come to just watch nature, not to swim. It's a fun place to set up a chair and read a book or just take it all in. Note that there are no facilities here.

Getting here, while easy, may not be for everyone. While you can drive right to the beach, the road down is very steep. It drops over 1,000 feet in elevation in just over a mile. If it's raining out you may want to skip the drive down. If you do head down, just go very slow. You'll be heading down Kaohe Street which is off Highway 11.