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Karinna Nielsen offers Lemurian Shamanic Astrology readings, Signature Cell Healings, Lemurian Prophecy card readings and Lemurian Wisdom Circle gatherings.

• Service: Life Coach • Service: Psychics & Astrologers
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About Karinna Nielsen
Karinna Nielsen
Spiritual Channel, Lemurian Goddess Healer & Astrologer

Through the wisdom of the ancient Lemurians, activate and explore your sacred life-blueprint and discover how to live your life with intention, create more loving relationships, a satisfying career, peaceful home and family experiences.

• Lemurian Readings and Mentoring Sessions by Karinna are available in Kailua or via phone or Skype

• Experience Signature Cell Healing®, a gentle Lemurian touch-healing modality, in Kailua or at distance.

• Lemurian Awakening Experiences are full or half-day adventures that feature astrology and healing sessions, Lemurian ceremonies at an ancient heiau (temple) and baptism ceremonies at legendary Kailua beach that will immerse you in the beauty of Lemuria .

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or email Karinna@KarinnaNielsen.com
Full Description
Immerse yourself in ancient Hawaiian and Lemurian Shamanic wisdom! Awaken to the mysteries you've come to experience in this lifetime. Discover your life's intention and uncover the skills and talents that you've brought with you to achieve your life purpose.

Lemurian Shamanic Astrology is a unique transformational and archetypal astrology focused on uncovering your past life lineage, current life's purpose and your strategy for attaining your life goals.

Signature Cell Healing® sessions create a space of unconditional love for you to release the fears and blockages that may have been holding you back from attaining your life goals--in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of your life. Signature Cell Healing is a gentle touch-healing modality, using the golden particle Light of Creation to work with the cellular consciousness below the veils of the ego, allowing every cell in the physical body to awaken and to heal to its original perfection. Healing sessions are about 60 minutes and include heart-to-heart consultations, life guidance and practical steps for you to take to reach your healing goals.

Karinna Nielsen is a Lemurian Shamanic Astrologer, Certified Signature Cell Healing practitioner and Lemurian Goddess Light, offering Lemurian Shamanic Astrology Readings, Signature Cell Healing sessions, Lemurian Prophecy card readings and Lemurian Wisdom Circle Gatherings exploring the ancient wisdom of Lemuria and the Goddess Light.
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