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Body Glove offers snorkel boat tours off of Kailua-Kona. They provide whale watching tours, snorkeling tours, dolphin swims, and historical dinner cruises.

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About Body Glove Cruises
Snorkeling, sunset cruises, and whale watching offered in Kailua Kona on The Big Island of HI. Your best day in Hawaii starts here!
Full Description

Body Glove Snorkel & Dolphin Adventure

The Snorkel & Dolphin Adventure is a cruise from Kailua Harbor to an area about 10 miles south that is known as Redhill (just a bit north of Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park). Their boat, the Kanoa II, is a 2-decked vessel with plenty of shade, cushioned seating, flat screen televisions, a full sound system for live entertainment, and a full service premium bar. The Kanoa II is equipped with three restrooms, two fresh water showers, a 20-foot water slide, a 15-foot high dive platform, two large double swim platforms, and floatation toys for everyone.

We boarded the boat at Kona Harbor at 8am. They served us a continental breakfast buffet with assorted bagels, cream cheese, croissant, fresh pineapples, oranges, hot tea, and coffee. We could also buy alcoholic drinks from the cash bar. While we were on our way to the snorkeling site, they played fun island music to set the mood. On the way, we saw some dolphins chasing our boat and a little baby spinner dolphin jumping out of the water over and over.

Once moored, the crew put out 3 large inner tubes for people to float and relax. They had a floating pad tied to the boat for people to hang out on. Paddle boards were available for anyone as well. They also offer a SCUBA dive with a crew-member for an additional $88. They offer many activities beyond snorkeling.

For snorkeling, they took us to Driftwood, which is located just north of Captain Cook Monument. It's not the spot they normally go but because the water was calm on that day, we were able to snorkel there. The water was crystal clear and calm. I thought the water was much more clear than it was at Honaunau Bay / Two Steps, where I snorkeled the day before. There was a lifeguard on a surfboard keeping an eye on the snorkelers. Driftwood had a wide variety of tropical colorful fishes. We spotted an octopus and an eel as well.

We snorkeled and played in the water at Driftwood for over 2 hours. Everyone was enjoying themselves. We could snorkel, go down the water slide, or jump from the diving platform.

When we got tired or cold, we could jump on the floating pad to relax. And there were guests sitting on inner tubes while sipping on mai tais. Since no other boats were in the area, it was as if we were at a big pool party in our own private ocean. Once we were done in the water, we rinsed off with a warm fresh water shower.

For lunch, they provided a BBQ lunch with Big Island organic grass fed beef burgers or chipotle black bean veg burgers piled with fixings, potato salad, chips and sodas. The staff was very friendly and nice. After lunch, we hung out on the boat and watched people jump off the high dive platform. They were having so much fun!

On the way back, we saw more dolphins swimming next to us. The tour was about 4 hours long. This Body Glove cruise is family friendly with many activities to keep everyone entertained.

Body Glove Dinner Cruise

Body Glove also offers a leisurely 3-hour dinner cruise along the rugged coastline of the Kona Coast. It's a narrated tour with a guide who shares stories about Hawaiian culture, history, and information about locations you'll see on the way to the Captain Cook Monument.

The tour takes you on an excursion near Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, where Captain Cook (see The History of Captain James Cook) first landed in Hawaii and was eventually died at the hands of the natives. Along the way, you'll hear stories about locations you can spot such as the Ahu'ena Heiau, the Holua Slide, and the famous Kuamo'o Battlefield. The captain spotted a pod of spinner dolphins and took us close to them, and they swam and jumped beside our boat. You can take great photos of the dolphins swimming along side the boat and jumping. During the winter months, humpback whales can be seen on the tour.

The dinner cruise includes a complimentary cocktail from their fully stocked bar. We enjoyed sitting in the front of the boat while sipping on a mai tai and enjoying the live music. Our guide was also an accomplished hula dancer, which she danced on the lower deck.

For dinner, a buffet was served. They had beautifully presented Kalua Pulled Pork & Cabbage, Coconut Porter Braised Brisket, Grilled Pulehu Chicken, Lomi Lomi Salmon, and Salad. For dessert, they served a cheesecake.

On the way back, we listened to the musician sing Hawaiian songs beautifully. It was a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery and sink further into island relaxation. The crew was courteous and helpful throughout our trip. They put an emphasis on making sure we had a good time.

Part of the proceeds from the cruise supports the Kona Historical Society, which is dedicated to the education and preservation of Hawaiian culture on the Big Island.

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We took this cruise while we were visiting Kona. The food was awesome, however the entertainment was great! We has such a great time and suggest this to everyone! It was at sunset and there is nothing like watching the sunset while on the ocean. The cost is about average anything in Hawaii but well worth it.
Debbie T
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We went on the dinner cruise to see the Captain Cook memorial and had a fantastic time.
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What a great way to spend the morning! This is a wonderful tour for the family whether you have small children or elderly parents. You can be as active as you want or choose to relax and take it in. And you always feel safe because the staff is always looking out for us. The boat was spacious, comfortable and the ride was very smooth. Snorkeling at Driftwood was a treat to have the whole area to ourselves.

Body Glove Dinner Cruise
I loved their Captain Cook Historical Dinner Cruise immensely. The weather was perfect. It was overcast so the sun wasn’t beating down on us. We sat at the front of the boat and felt the gentle cool breeze while relaxing to the beautiful Hawaiian music. The musician was first rate. It was fun listening to the stories of the past and present by the guide. The food was good and plentiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Tom T
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Body Glove's Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure.
This experience is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. They have so many water activities to choose from - snorkeling, SUP paddle boarding, SCUBA diving, underwater scooters, floating rafts, platforms, and tubes. But silly as it sounds, what I loved most was the 20 ft slide and jumping into the water from the second deck.

We departed out of Kailua-Kona Harbor and headed toward Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. The boat was large and spacious with plenty of room on both decks. In the galley, there was an assortment of fresh fruit, juices, and baked goods for the guests. It was a beautiful morning as we headed out. We enjoyed watching spinner dolphins jumping beside us as we headed south.

The ride was smooth and relaxing - not bumpy, but very comfortable with shaded areas on both the upper and lower decks. The vibe on the boat was relaxed and mellow, with island music piped through speakers. Some people were sipping on adult beverages which could be purchased on the lower deck from a bartender. No better way to get you your mindset right for a cruise than with a Mai Tai in hand.

After about a half hour, we reached our destination which was a spot just north of Captain Cook Point. We didn't go into Kealakekua Bay because it may have been crowded, so the captain took us to another secluded spot close by. Pretty cool. We were given a brief talk about the area, how we should respect the environment (not jump in until at least 5 minutes after applying sunscreen), and safety. There are several crew members watching out for everyone in the water. Smaller boats don't have the manpower to keep a watchful eye on everyone. For this reason, Body Glove is good for families where water safety is a concern.

I took full advantage of the activities. I slid down the slide, jumped off the 2nd deck, took a ridiculous amount of selfies, and just had a ball. You'd think that the slide would be used primarily by the youngsters, but clearly the young at heart 40+ crowd did the most splashing. The snorkeling was fantastic with a bazillion yellow tangs, parrot fish, butterfly fish and just about every tropical creature you'd see at your favorite aquarium. The water was clear, warm, and delightful.

I built a hearty appetite from all the child-like fun I was having, so gobbled down a self-made double patty, grass fed island burger. So ono. Then I regretfully ate a veggie burger, which I'm embarrassed to admit. It too was delicious, but really - did I need to eat that too? Needless to say, I didn't go hungry.

The tour went by quickly, but it was a lot of fun. I recommend Body Glove Cruises for families and visitors with serious fun in mind. They have something for everyone.

Body Glove Dinner Cruise (UPDATE - OUR SECOND CRUISE!)
Body Glove does everything first rate. The Dinner Cruise is the second tour I've taken with them, and it was just as fun (but different) than their Snorkel tour to Kealakekua Bay. It's the perfect way to taste see the beautiful Kona Coat, taste Hawaiian food, hear stories of the islands, and listen to Hawaiian music. Throw in a few tropical drinks and some hula dancing, and you have a near-perfect evening.
Pauly A
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Of course, it helps when the ocean is calm, the temperature perfect and dolphins show up! And that's how it was on my Body Glove Dinner Cruise. Frankly, I think all the tours are pretty much the same; they travel the same routes, point out the same sights, and last about the same amount of time. For me, traveling with Body Glove was a bit different, particularly enjoyable because of the crew. I very much appreciated the captain's turning the boat in the opposite direction in order for us to follow and spend time with the dolphins.

I really liked that our guide and entertainer were Hawaii natives. She made the information even more interesting by referring back to her childhood, recalling family stories of Hawaii's past. And she danced a lovely hula for us. I absolutely loved the live music. The singer made the experience extra special that I'd book again on Body Glove to hear him.

There were 92 people on board and there was plenty of room for everyone. The only advice I'd give would be to get in the buffet line early if you're hungry. Otherwise, it takes awhile to get through.
Cynthia K
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When visiting Hawaii in June 2016 we took the Body Glove Cruise out to do some snorkeling. It was so awesome because we cruised through a pod of dolphins. The captain stopped the boat for a while so that we could sit with the dolphins and watch them Frolic in the ocean. This was maybe the highlight of my vacation because I love dolphins. After watching the Dolphins for a while we cruised to Captain Cook for snorkeling we spent a few hours snorkeling then they served us hamburgers and hotdogs on the boat for lunch.

After snorkeling we cruised back, it was a beautiful ride. The only disappointment was they tell you that they're taking you to Captain Cook for snorkeling but you're not actually right in front of the monument, you are off to the side on a cliff area where there is no beach to get out and walk on.
Debra L
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Body Glove Cruises offers amazing and diverse activities for all ages. This is not just a snorkeling adventure. This 4-hour cruise is very family orientated and I think that a family who have children varying in ages from young to teenage should absolutely check this cruise out. For me, as an adult in my late 50's I was thrilled to not only snorkel, but venture down a slide into the open ocean, free jump from a designated diving platform from the top deck of the of the 65-foot catamaran into the ocean, and stand-up paddle board in the open ocean and just leisurely lay on a floating yoga mat when I had all the activities I could handle .

There were lots of other activities that I personally did not try but were offered such as underwater scooters. I was amazed at all the activities – if you wanted to keep busy you easily could. However, if you wanted to just leisurely hang out on the deck of this comfortable catamaran and have an island mai tai that too was available!

The cruise we went on offered a continental breakfast as well as BBQ hamburgers for lunch. I liked that they thought of everything including veggie burgers for us non-meat eaters. The entire staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating. This was a very relaxing cruise and again highly recommended tour for the family.
Kathryn L
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Great day on the water! We took the Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure cruise on April 4 and had a fun-filled day. As soon as we were welcomed aboard by their friendly staff, there was a continental breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, croissants, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The boat is very spacious with seating on the upper or lower decks and anywhere has a view. We headed out of the harbor and within minutes, there were dolphins swimming all around! The water was so clear, you could see them swimming next to the boat or jumping and twirling a little farther out. Their gentle, playful energy was infectious and I was happy just to watch them.

Since the weather was calm and the day sunny, the captain took us to Driftwood which is an area you can only snorkel when the water is calm. The large reef had lots of colorful fish. I saw Yellow tang, Convict tang, various Butterflyfish, Trumpetfish and the colorful Bullethead Parrotfish to name a few. There were also lots of sea urchin and starfish along the bottom. One of the swimmers even saw a small octopus.

After plenty of snorkel and swim time, there was a delicious lunch of locally raised Kona beef or veggie burgers hot off the grill with all the fixings, plenty of potato salad, chips, and fresh fruit. Everything was tasty and fresh. They also have a full bar and we had MaiTai’s with fresh pineapple – Yum! The crew was helpful and friendly, asking if we needed anything and quickly took away our lunch trash.

There was still time for more snorkeling and water activities after lunch and this boat is equipped with toys for all ages. The giant water slide and the high dive were a blast! They also have a stand-up paddleboard, a floating yoga mat, and inner tubes. There are lots to do for the whole family for an adventurous day on the water.
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Body Glove Cruises received an overall rating of 4.5 stars from several dozen reviews.
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