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Phone (808) 565-7227
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Address 1036 Lanai Ave, Lanai City, HI 96763
When you are (virtually) the only company on the entire island renting cars you don't have to try hard or price fairly. You win, customers lose.

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Lana'i is a tiny, tiny island with very few paved roads and one of the cons to that is a place like Dollar Rent A Car which essentially has a monopoly on the car rental business.

When one company has a monopoly, and no other competition, it's common to find that the service suffers a bit and the prices can be unusually high. That pretty much sums up our experience with Dollar on Lana'i. The people were friendly enough, but far from welcoming and it almost felt as though we were a bother to them during the check in and check out processes.

Considering what a small town atmosphere they have it would be nice to get more personal service and maybe even have them suggest some sites to see, especially when we are the only customers there.

This is mainly Jeep rental only mainly facility (though they seem to offer a minivan) because you need a 4x4 vehicle to get around to many of the parts of the island. To be honest, a Jeep would be very low on the type of 4x4 vehicle list that most people would want to rent. It has almost no luggage space at all and if you end up with the 2-door model (like we did) getting in and out of the back seats is no easy task. Fine for kids, horrible for adults. Still, it can be a bit of fun to drive off road and it being small does come in handy when you need to make a 93-point turn on a tiny trail.

The Jeep we got was quite old and had well over 60k miles on it. It was beat up, scratched up, and while it had been washed it never resembled clean inside or out. This won't be like picking up the shiny, less than two years old rental car you are used to. More like borrowing a friend of a friend's old used Jeep that's been collecting dust for years.

It had air conditioning, which is good since you have to drive with windows up due to dust when off road, but we're talking manual crank windows, a very bumpy ride, and a car that rattles like it wants to fall apart the entire way. If you have a fantasy of cruising around with the top off you can forget that right now as they won't let you take the top or windows off, and will fine you if you do.

It's an old piece of junk but it gets the job done if you want to go off road. And you will want to go off road because pretty much anything other than the hotels and main town is off road on dirt trails.

The main complaint is the cost. A 2-door model will run you $139 per day (plus tax) with the 4-door model costing you $169.00 per date (a 4-door Hummer is $189 per day). They then add on a $3.00 per day "road tax" and normal sales tax on top of it. It's a hard pill to swallow for those used to paying more in the $30 to $60 per day range at big city airport facility.

Want a ride from the airport to the Dollar Rent A Car which is located miles away? They'll give you a free shuttle ride each way but you'll pay $10 per additional person in your group. So a family of four will pay $30 for round trip shuttle service. Come on now Dollar, that's just ridiculous. Save a few bucks and have your family take the free shuttle right to their hotel and have one person take the free shuttle to get the car.

Also, we've heard a lot of stories from people who don't reserve in advance and think they'll just rent a car on whatever day they want during their stay only to find out there aren't any cars available. This is a small facility with a handful of cars so they'll often be sold out. Reserve ahead of time to be safe and you have to do that by calling this location direct, you can't reserve through the normal Dollar website.

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Pretty pleased overall with Dollar. They had a Jeep for us to use and we didn't have any problems. Ours was a bit on the old side and the prices are a bit high but otherwise very good.
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