The Beaches Of Waikiki

The Beaches Of Waikiki
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Waikiki Beach isn't just a single beach on Oahu. Use this guide to find all of Waikiki's amazing beaches.

Waikiki Beach is a world famous beach but many people don't realize that it isn't a single beach that defines Waikiki Beach but actually 11 separate beaches. Here's a complete guide to all Waikiki area beaches starting from the northwest end and traveling to the south end. If you're not familiar with the Waikiki area, be sure to also read our Waikiki Guide as well as Free & Cheap Waikiki Parking if you're traveling here by car.

Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon

The first beach is actually a manmade lagoon right next to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. This one isn't connected to the ocean at all but it is a salt water pool and technically is a beach in Waikiki. It's named after Duke Kahanamoku, and for more on that subject be sure to read Duke Kahanamoku - The Original Beach Boy. More at: Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon

Kahanamoku Beach @ Waikiki

Right next to Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon is where you'll find the first Waikiki beach that is open to the ocean. Though this one is actually very well protected via a breakwater on the southwest side so it's often a calmer beach and can be good for the keiki (kids). More at: Kahanamoku Beach @ Waikiki

Fort DeRussy Beach Park @ Waikiki

Fort DeRussy is a long stretch of sandy beach that is really wide (on the northwest end). It's a popular section of beach but often doesn't feel as crowded as many of the other sections because it is longer and wider than most other spots. It also doesn't have the hotel density as some other areas with the big hotel here being the Hale Koa Hotel (Military Hotel). Behind the beach is a large park area and the U.S. Army Museum Of Hawaii. More at: Fort DeRussy Beach Park @ Waikiki

Gray's Beach @ Waikiki

Gray's is an incredibly tiny Waikiki area beach right behind the the Halekulani Hotel and Sheraton Waikiki. Most of this beach has eroded away over time and so far the government isn't doing anything to deal with that so what you are left with is a tiny little arc of sandy beach that is fairly empty. Walkways connected this beach to Fort DeRussy Beach Park @ Waikiki and Royal-Moana Beach @ Waikiki. More at: Gray's Beach @ Waikiki

Royal-Moana Beach @ Waikiki

Royal Moana Beach gets its name because it happens to run from the The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort at one end and the Moana Surfrider - A Westin Resort & Spa at the other. This is a very popular stretch of sand which means lots of chaos and few beach spots to call your own. This section of ocean also has fun, but usually relatively small, wave action which is part of the draw here. The other draw is simply the density of hotels right along this section as most beachgoers prefer to walk out into sand and plop down rather than venture out one way or the other. More at: Royal-Moana Beach @ Waikiki

Waikiki Beach (Main / Center)

This is the section of Waikiki Beach that most people think of when they think of Waikiki Beach as a single beach or place. This is sort of the center of the action as well as the chaotic craziness that is Waikiki, and probably why the police set up shop right here at the Honolulu Police Waikiki Beach station. This is also where you'll find the iconic Duke Kahanamoku Statue that you'll want to get your picture with. Crowded would be the understatement of the year. More at: Waikiki Beach (Main / Center)

Kuhio Beach Park @ Waikiki

If you have kids then this is probably the single best section of Waikiki Beach you can find. This entire stretch of beach is protected by man made seawalls that keep pretty much anything resembling a wave out and that keeps the waters here incredibly calm almost all the time. This is another very popular beach so it's best if you like your beach neighbor because you're going to be very close to them here. More at: Kuhio Beach Park @ Waikiki

Queen's Beach @ Waikiki

I'm always amazed to watch how Waikiki Beach (Main / Center) and Kuhio Beach Park @ Waikiki can be packed with people and yet Queen's Beach will be relatively empty. Relative is the key word here but still, this plot of sand will often have a fraction of the crowds that you'll see just a few dozen feet away. Go figure! More at: Queen's Beach @ Waikiki

Kapiolani Beach Park @ Waikiki

A groin is all that separates Queen's Beach @ Waikiki from Kapiolani Beach. Oh, a groin is just a seawall that runs out from the beach towards the ocean. So, it's by no means bad company to have here. When other areas of Waikiki are packed, this place may be almost unused. The reason for that is simple, there is little dry sand to set up shop on. Don't let that stop you, there is plenty of wet sand to play in. More at: Kapiolani Beach Park @ Waikiki

Kaimana / Sans Souci Beach @ Waikiki

This one is towards the far south end of the Waikiki area so it requires a bit of a walk unless you're already down at this end. You'll walk passed the War Memorial Natatorium and thus get to see one of the county's biggest blunders and then onto the beach which probably won't be too crowded. The nice thing about this beach is that you can sometimes even find some parking right near here, though not always. More at: Kaimana / Sans Souci Beach @ Waikiki

Outrigger Canoe Club Beach @ Waikiki

Just like with Gray's Beach @ Waikiki, the Canoe Club Beach is just barely a beach and the bulk of travelers have no idea it's here. You can actually walk through the water from Kaimana / Sans Souci Beach @ Waikiki to get here but you'll get wet doing that. Or you can click on Outrigger Canoe Club Beach @ Waikiki for directions on the well hidden public access to this beach. Clearly, they do a great job at keeping visitors out of here but you're more than welcome to check it out. Not that there is much to really see here. More at: Outrigger Canoe Club Beach @ Waikiki