Free & Cheap Waikiki Parking

Free & Cheap Waikiki Parking
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Address 2314 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Driving in Waikiki is painful enough, parking is worse. Learn the best places to park your car when you are in the Waikiki area.

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If you thought driving in Waikiki was an exercise in frustration and confusion wait until you have to park you car here! This guide to parking in Waikiki is meant to help you find free or cheap places to park.

We'll start from the northwest, or Ewa, side of Waikiki and work our way to the southeast, or Diamond Head, side.

Ala Moana Center - Free - Map It
Okay, sure, Ala Moana Center isn't exactly the heart of Waikiki. It's also not that far and depending on your plans it may be a great place to park. It gets busy but there is a lot of parking here. Best of all, it's 100% free parking!

Discovery Bay Center - Cheap - Map It
Located on the north side of Ala Moana Boulevard, across from The Modern Honolulu and Ilikai Hotel & Suites - an Aqua Boutique. Expect to pay $2 or so per half hour. Enter in the back off of Kaioo Drive.

Ala Wai Boat Harbor Marina Parking Lot - Cheap-ish - Map It
This one is right next to Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon and the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. Expect to pay around $4 per half hour here.

Royal Hawaiian Center - Free Or Cheap - Map It
If you plan to shop or eat at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center then you'll get 1 hour of free parking. You just have to spend $10 or more. After that it's $2 per hour for the next 2 hours then goes up a bit. When heading back to your car you'll find automated pay machines by the elevators. Pay with cash or card before driving to the exit gate.

Waikiki Shopping Plaza - Cheap - Map It
Located on the 6th to 8th floor of The Waikiki Shopping Plaza, they offer flat rate parking at $5.00 (cash only!) daily from 6PM to 12AM as well as 6:30AM to 6PM on Saturday and Sunday. All other times you'll pay $2.50 per half hour. If you're dining at Top of Waikiki they'll validate so you get free parking. No other establishments will do that here. Enter behind the building on Lau'ula Street.

Behind Hyatt Towers - Cheap - Map It
There's a small garage behind the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa on Koa Avenue. It's just east of King's Village Shopping Center. They have flat daily rates at $10.

Honolulu Zoo - Cheap - Map It
This is a pretty large lot right next to (north of) the Honolulu Zoo. You enter on Kapahulu Avenue. Park, note your license plate number, then find an automated payment machine. You pre-pay before leaving your car so you have to guess how many hours you want. It's $1 per hour here.

Waikiki Shell - Free - Map It
You'll find this free parking lot near the Waikiki Shell, south of the Honolulu Zoo. It's on Monsarrat Avenue on the north side of Kapiolani Park.

Kapiolani Park - Free - Map It
Surrounding Kapiolani Park is a lot of street parking. It's all street side meters so bring quarters and you'll pay $1 per hour.

Parking Tips To Follow

Many of these tips apply to anywhere you park in Hawaii (or elsewhere). But all of these should be followed especially when parking in the Waikiki area.

  • Write down your rental car information or store it in your phone. That includes rental company and phone number, car type, and license plate number.

  • Never, ever leave stuff in your car. Thieves are especially good at spotting tourists and rental cars. They can break in and take your stuff in seconds. Hiding it under the floor mat, in glove box, or in the trunk won't stop them.

  • Take a photo of your car and where it is parked. Make sure you get the spot number, garage floor, or other landmarks in the photo.

  • Always have some cash on hand as well as quarters. Some garages only take cash and most meters only take quarters.

  • If you have to pay at an automated machine be sure to get and keep your receipt. This is especially import when you pre-pay based on spot number or license plate number. A receipt may save you from a ticket if you've mis-typed in information.