Royal-Moana Beach @ Waikiki

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Address 2365 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
An excellent and very popular stretch of Waikiki and one we highly recommend.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Concession Stand • Facilities: Equipment Rentals • Facilities: Lifeguard • Facilities: Showers
• Type: Dog Friendly • Type: Shady • Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Fees For Parking • Good For: Bodysurfing
• Good For: Sunsets • Good For: Swimming

Royal-Moana Beach runs from The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort at the northwest end to the Moana Surfrider - A Westin Resort & Spa at the southeast end, hence the not-so-clever name of Royal Moana Beach. It's just one of The Beaches Of Waikiki and you'll find it in Honolulu on the south side of O'ahu.

Getting here is easy, but there is no actual beach parking. This means that using one of the local paid parking garages is your best bet. You can also park for free at the boat harbor at the far northwest end of Waikiki or the free street parking at the far southeast end of Waikiki but this beach is a bit of a walk from either. A fairly decent option is the underground paid garage on Koa St which is behind the tall Hyatt twin towers, right next to (southeast of) King's Village Shopping Center.

The beach is a bit wider than some other parts of Waikiki and fairly long as well. Like most of Waikiki, this is a heavily used beach on all days and that means you won't have tons of room to spread out here. Go early in the day to stake your claim.

Still, it's an excellent part of Waikiki beach and one of our favorite areas to go because the waves here, while not large at all, are a lot of fun to bob up and down in. In fact, it's easy to lose the better part of a day just doing that! While the bottom can be somewhat rocky in some parts, it's generally not bad at all.

All of the usual Waikiki amenities are here like bathrooms at the southeast end, food options, equipment rentals, and surf lesson to name a few. Right behind the beach are the hotels and shops of Waikiki so you'll have plenty of dining options when the hunger pains kick in. Those same buildings might provide some shade for you as well.

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