Gray's Beach @ Waikiki

Gray's Beach @ Waikiki
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Address 2249 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Tiny slice of sand behind the Halekulani and Sheraton.

• Facilities: Showers • Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Fees For Parking • Good For: Sunsets

Gray's Beach is a tiny little bit of sand right outside of the Halekulani Hotel and Sheraton Waikiki hotel in Waikiki (see our Waikiki Guide). The bulk of this beach has eroded away over time and so far the county isn't doing anything to deal with that so what you are left with is a tiny little arc of sandy beach that is fairly empty.

Of course, fairly empty here means that it's still crowded because a few dozen people is about all you need for crowded here! When one of the tour boats pulls up on the beach you lose about 1/5 of the entire beach as well so that further crowds things.

There aren't many amenities unless you are staying at either of the hotels here and so there really aren't many reasons to see this beach beyond the novelty of it I suppose.

The water is clear and blue and there is room to play around once in the water, though some of the bottom areas are rocky. Bottom line, you'll be much better off at any of the other beaches on either side of Gray's rather than actually at Gray's.

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