Kahuku Land Farms Stand

Phone (808) 232-2202
4.5 stars from 4 reviews
Address 56-781 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
Charming fruit stand near the North Shore beaches.

• General: Farm / Dairy • Food: Groceries

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Great fruit stand or farmers market close to Turtle Bay and across the street from the entrance to Kawela Bay Beach Park. Several vendors make up the stand, and they sell tropical fruits such and ice cold coconuts, pineapples, and papaya.

I enjoyed talking to the different local farmers selling the fruits and vegetables. These ladies work hard to find the best fruits for you if you ask them to help pick them out.

The fruitstand is the co-op with four different women people selling a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. I personally love the Apple bananas. And nearly every time I pass this fruitstand I'll stop to get a cold ice cold coconut. Be sure to drink the coconut on the spot. Then give the coconut back to the lady, and she will use her machete to crack open a coconut and get the meat out. She will scrape it with a big spoon and sometimes serve it back to you in the coconut half shell. It's awesome and tasty. Although sometimes I've gotten a bad coconut – the milk wasn't sweet or the meet was too thin, I've never had a problem requesting a better coconut. That's good customer service. So don't be embarrassed to ask for a different coconut if you get one that isn't sweet with plenty of meat.

I recommend buying a bag of pineapple, but make sure it's fresh and has been refridgerated. Some of the bags of pineapple have seasoned with li hing mui, which is popular locally to spice up your fruit with a tart flavor.

A relaxing drive to the North Shore wouldn't be complete without a stop at one of the fruit stands. Kahuku Land Farms Stand is largest and possibly has the largest selection of fruits. Guaranteed stopping off to grab an ice cold coconut will be a simple highlight of your trip.

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Cute little fruit stand on the North Shore between Waimea and Turtle Bay (closer to Turtle Bay). They have a few different vendors and always fresh, local fruit. You are guaranteed to see dragon fruit, apple bananas, coconuts. I would definitely buy a coconut with a straw for some fresh coconut juice!!! It's amazing!!
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This is a must of anyone that's travels down towards north shore omg best fruit ever! Nice and sweet fresh and cold we got pineapple coconut and lots more to take back to the hotel. I highly recommend it stop in and check it out nothing nicer than fresh fruit on a hot Hawaiian day.
Matt A
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I like stopping at this stand when we're in the area. I just like the vibe of it, feels very islandy and touristy (in a good way). There are tons of fruits to choose from and some that are out of the ordinary as well.

Many are kept on ice and even pre-cut so you can grab and eat. It's a great place to stop before you hit a nearby beach.

Prices are generally reasonable but it's easy to spend cash here. While most fruits are good and delicious, every now and then I've had a dud here too. It's rare and most of what I've had is super tasty.
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Stopping at Kahuku Land Farms Stand is a great way to support local farmers!

We stopped here and got some pineapple with li hing mui. It was so sweet! It was perfect. We also got some Ice Cream Bananas, which I didn't even know existed. The sample she gave us was delicious! But the ones we got were not ripe enough to eat that day.

We also got coconut. It was good, but after eating the pineapple it didn't have a whole lot of flavor.
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