Big Island Itinerary - Day 9

Big Island Itinerary - Day 9
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A final day on Hawaii's Big Island.

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Big Island Itinerary - Day 8
For most people, the last day of a trip means a lot of travel related stress. Did you get everything packed up, will there be long lines at the airport, does the hotel have a boarding pass printer, and so on.

If you're leaving earlier in the day you'll need to head to the airport which is likely to be Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole (KOA) for most travelers. If you're flying out of Hilo on the east side (to another island) then you're airport is Hilo International Airport (ITO). Both airports are pretty small so you're not likely to experience LAX levels of insanity, but you're still best of leaving plenty of time so you're not rushing around.

However, if your flight isn't until the afternoon or evening then you have time left to enjoy the Big Island. In these cases, we recommend taking it slow and easy. Check out of your room and let your hotel hold your luggage for you as you don't want to leave your luggage in your car. The obvious choice now is to hit the beach. If you have a favorite then, by all means, go and enjoy your favorite beach one last time. If not, here are a few that we love and that we mentioned back on Big Island Itinerary - Day 7.

Hapuna Beach State Park is a great beach that's relatively close to the Waikoloa resort area. A long beach with plenty of powdery sand and often gentle waves.

Waialea Bay (Beach 69) is another amazing beach. Another great family beach as well, often with gentle waves. It's just beautiful here so hard to go wrong.

Mauna Kea Beach / Kauna'oa Bay is located right behind the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and has that classic crescent beach shape with Kauna'oa Bay for a postcard perfect backdrop. A good option in the morning before the parking fills and they stop letting cars in.

Spencer Beach Park is another great spot on the west side with soft and powdery sand, clear waters, and usually gentle waves. Another magical beach to hang out at.

We recommend leaving yourself plenty of time to enjoy a meal before flying out. That might be a late lunch or early dinner but you'll certainly be able to find better food than what the airport or your airline offers.