Molokai Itinerary - Intro

Molokai Itinerary - Intro
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Getting started with our Molokai Itinerary travel guides.

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Guide Series: Molokai Vacation Itinerary
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Molokai Itinerary - Day 1
Molokai is the second smallest of the main Hawaiian Islands. It's about 38 miles long and 10 miles wide and has around 8,000 residents. You'll find it just north of Lanai island and just northwest of Maui. Many of the residents are of native Hawaiian ancestry so this is a place where Hawaiian culture and tradition thrives. For more, be sure to also read our Molokai Guide.

Everyone has the same questions when it comes to Molokai. Is there anything to do there? How many days should I visit for? Do I need a rental car on Molokai? Which hotel should I stay at?

So let's cover a few of these questions right now. Yes, there is a lot of to see and do on this amazing island and this itinerary will cover all of Molokai's most popular attractions and places. You'll want to get at least 3 full days on Molokai so that's usually a total of 5 days since you lose a lot of the first and last day because of travel. Yes, get yourself a rental car (ideally a 4x4) as there is no public transportation here.

As for lodging, there is a single hotel on the island and that is the Hotel Molokai. Other lodging options will include various condo rentals as well as bed and breakfast operations. You can see all of Molokai's lodging options here.

As with any travel planning guide or itinerary, this is just meant to give you ideas. While you certainly can follow it exactly as we've written it, you may want to move things around, skip some items, or otherwise rearrange what we have in here to best fit your vacation style.

With that in mind, consider this a Molokai vacation guide template that's meant to be customized to fit your personal tastes and mood. As you decide on which places to stay, which activities to do, and which beaches to visit, be sure to add them to your Hawaii vacation planner. You can then access all of the items on your planner from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone on the go. Do note that cell phone service on Molokai is available but very limited so don't expect to use your smartphone once you're out in the wild. Printing these itineraries and your planner is a good option.

We've separated our Molokai Itinerary Travel Guides into 5 separate articles for up to 5 full days of ideas that show some of Molokai's most popular attractions and things to do. We've generally written these in order of importance so those who are only visiting Molokai for a few days will want to look at the early days the most. You can view them in order or skip around as you wish. Happy planning...

Molokai Itinerary - Day 1

Molokai Itinerary - Day 2

Molokai Itinerary - Day 3

Molokai Itinerary - Day 4

Molokai Itinerary - Day 5

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