Kauai Itinerary - Intro

Kauai Itinerary - Intro
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Getting started with our Kauai Itinerary travel guides.

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Guide Series: Kauai Vacation Itinerary
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Kauai Itinerary - Day 1
Kauai is one of Hawaii's smaller islands and home to the iconic Waimea Canyon and Napali Coast. If you're planning a trip to Kauai it can be tough to know where to start. What are the best beaches? What are the must-see attractions? What's the one hike you must see? How do I get to see a waterfall?

These are just some of the common questions we get from those planning an epic vacation to Kauai, Hawaii. So we'll answer those and many more as we guide you through the ultimate Kauai vacation itinerary. Even if you've been here before, we're sure to have some new stuff that you haven't yet experience.

As with any travel planning guide or itinerary, this is just meant to give you ideas. While you certainly can follow it exactly as we've written it, you may want to move things around, skip some items, or otherwise rearrange what we have in here to best fit your vacation style.

With that in mind, consider this a Kauai vacation guide template that's meant to be customized to fit your personal tastes and mood. As you decide on which places to stay, which activities to do, and which beaches to visit, be sure to add them to your Hawaii vacation planner. You can then access all of the items on your planner from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone on the go.

We've separated our Kauai Itinerary Travel Guides into 7 separate articles for up to 7 full days of ideas that show some of Kauai's most popular attractions and things to do. We've generally written these in order of importance so those who are only visiting Kauai for a few days will want to look at the early days the most. You can view them in order or skip around as you wish. Happy planning...

Kauai Itinerary - Day 1

Kauai Itinerary - Day 2

Kauai Itinerary - Day 3

Kauai Itinerary - Day 4

Kauai Itinerary - Day 5

Kauai Itinerary - Day 6

Kauai Itinerary - Day 7

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