Molokai Itinerary - Day 5

Time for a few more things and then back home or to another island!

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For some travelers, a full five days on Molokai seems a bit too long. They want to see and do it all in just a day or two but that really isn't possible and rushing around like that goes against the whole Molokai vibe. Besides, the first and last day of any trip isn't a full day anyhow due to travel so why not stretch it out and do it right.

Okay, so you followed my logic and did five days and have probably gotten a good taste for what Molokai is all about. Is there really anything left to do before you head off island today? Absolutely! Arranging for a morning boat tour is a fun way to wrap up a trip here so consider making some advanced reservations for that.

If you enjoy the history of Hawaii and Molokai, take a drive out to Saint Joseph Church at Kamalo and Our Lady of Seven Sorrows / Kaluaaha Church which are the two remaining (of the original four) churches built by Father Damien of Molokai.

How about hitting the links? Did you even know that Molokai has a golf course? It's true, they do and it's called Ironwood Hills Golf Course. This isn't like a normal golf course though. In addition to only being a 9 hole course, there are also no tee times, no pros, and no club house. It's a simple show-up-and-play system.

Hopefully you had a wonderful time on Molokai but now it's time to make your flight back home or, better yet, to another island!
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