Molokai Itinerary - Day 3

Molokai Itinerary - Day 3
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Time for another day of Molokai adventures.

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Hopefully you didn't hike down to Kalaupapa National Historical Park yesterday but took a mule or airplane instead. Why? Because today we're going to do the Halawa Valley Hike. This is about a 3.5 mile roundtrip hike through Molokai's gorgeous Halawa Valley and many consider this a moderate hike in terms of difficulty. Still, it is a family friendly hike for most.

At the end of your 1.7 mile (one way) journey, you'll get to experience the lovely Mo'oula Falls. If the weather is okay you'll even get a chance to swim near the waterfall as well. If you choose to swim, as with all fresh water streams and pools in Hawaii, be aware of the risk of Leptospirosis.

Because this hike crosses onto privately owned land, you must use a paid guide that is allowed to hike here. To do that, make a reservation in advance with Halawa Valley Falls Cultural Hike. On the day of your hike, you'll meet them at Halawa Beach Park and begin your tour to the falls. Plan around 5 hours of total time for this activity so it will chew up most of your day.

If the hike to Mo'oula Falls isn't for you, you can still enjoy parts of the Halawa Valley on your own. In that case, drive to Halawa Beach Park and note that this drive is really an adventure all on its own. As you get closers to this side of the island the road narrows to a single lane and then winds its way down to the valley floor with plenty of scenic views along the way. Pack some food for a nice lunch at the beach.

At the bottom you'll be able to enjoy the beach which will likely be very much empty in this remote part of the island. Even if you do the full hike / tour, you'll want to spend some time here either before or after the hike.

When you're done, be sure to stop by Sandy Beach and Murphy's Beach / Kumimi Beach Park on your way back to civilization. Spend as much or as little time as you want at each, this is Molokai after all so you're not in a rush of any kind here.

Another fun stop is at the Ali'i Fishpond right next to One Ali'i Beach Park, which is how that beach got its name. The fishpond was used in ancient times and the name One Ali'i means "royal sands".

As evening approaches, it's time to find some dinner as usual. Where and what is left to you of course, but after dinner there is one more stop we need to make. On any other night, there is virtually no evening entertainment on Molokai but tonight you're going to Kanemitsu's Bakery & Restaurant for some bread! Okay, stick with me here. This isn't just any bread from any bakery, this is an official Molokai Hot Bread Run and it's a must-do thing on Molokai.

This bread is baked fresh in the evenings so that's the best time to go and get it. Don't worry, you won't be alone. There will likely be a line even. Think of the bread is a large dinner roll that's stuffed with some cream cheese, sugar, and cinnamon along with a fruit filling of your choice. This is dessert, the most popular one on the island.