Best Beaches On Molokai, Hawaii

Best Beaches On Molokai, Hawaii
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The best beaches on Molokai, Hawaii and how to get to each one.

Guide Series: Hawaii's Best Beaches
Molokai is one of Hawaii's smallest, most unspoiled, and least populated islands with a surprising amount of beaches. That means fewer people at each beach! Of course, you're still going to need to know which beaches are worth your time and how to get to them. So we've gathered up the information just for you.

Here's our list of the best beaches on Lanai, Hawaii.

Halawa Beach Park

Halawa Beach Park is two beaches in one. One is a classic crescent beach that is well protected from the open ocean, the other is less protected. It's a beautiful and very remote area. If you want to get away from it all in a postcard perfect setting then this is your beach. More at: Halawa Beach Park

Papohaku Beach Park / Three Mile Beach

The official name of this one is Papohaku Beach Park though it's known locally as Three Mile Beach because it's an incredibly long beach. To be fair, it's really only about two miles long, not three, but who cares! This is a fan favorite beach and worth checking out. It's not good for swimming due to the strong rip currents but it's still worthy of your time. More at: Papohaku Beach Park / Three Mile Beach

Murphy's Beach / Kumimi Beach Park

This beach goes by many names, the most common being Murphy's Beach. If the ocean is calm, this can be a great place to swim and snorkel. If the ocean isn't calm, stop by and enjoy the amazing views and just relax on the sand for a while. More at: Murphy's Beach / Kumimi Beach Park

Dixie Maru Cove (Kapukahehu Beach)

A fun, protected cove beach. During the summer, and if the ocean is calm, it can be a good place for swimming and playing in the water. It's a bit of a drive to get here since it's all the way on the west coast of Molokai, but it's well worth the drive. More at: Dixie Maru Cove (Kapukahehu Beach)

One Ali'i Beach Park

One Ali'i (pronounced, oh-nay ah-lee-ee) is a favorite of Molokai's locals. It's not the best swimming beach since the water is a bit murky and the ocean bottom is shallow and rocky but still a good place to play games, splash around, and just generally hang out with a group. More at: One Ali'i Beach Park

Waialua Beach Park

Waialua Beach is located on Molokai's southeast shore and very accessible since it's right next to the main road here (Kamehameha V Highway). When the ocean is calm this can be a great place to swim and snorkel. The water here can be very clear and a lovely shade of blue as well. More at: Waialua Beach Park

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is a tiny beach just off the road on Molokai's southeast side. It's easy to find off the Kamehameha V Highway and can be a great place to swim, with clear waters, if the ocean is calm. It's a little reefy in spots but there are openings that give enough room to swim around a bit. More at: Sandy Beach