Lopa Beach

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Address Keomuku Rd, Lanai City, HI 96763
Another difficult to get to beach on Lanai's east coast but plenty of sand to go around if you make it here. The possible future site to the new Club Lanai resort if all goes well.

• Good For: Fishing • Flying Activities: Helicopters

Matt Anderson's Take
Lopa Beach is the former site of a resort called Club Lana'i which was shut down in 1996. If all goes well, and Larry Ellison (Lanai's new owner, see Lana'i Island) gets his way then this will once again be Club Lana'i. We're talking the islands third real hotel and supposedly it's best. It should be the most luxurious but also the most eco friendly. We hope it works out!

Until then, this beach is likely to be deserted except for what's left of the old resort. This swimming here should be good if the ocean is calm, but that also assumes you made the hour drive on the rough trail that leads here, which itself requires 30+ minutes of paved road driving to get to.

Not for the faint of heart, but certainly an adventure if you're looking for one. Only 4x4 vehicles are allowed on the trail to get here.
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Dewei T
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Excellent beach with amazing views of Maui's west side. It's the perfect place to picnic if you can get here. It requires a 4x4 Jeep. The swimming isn't the best here and, of course, if you had an issue you're a long way away from any real help out here! We saw a few others here but it was pretty isolated and empty for the most part. So peaceful out here.
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