Honolulu Zoo

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2.5 stars from 8 reviews
Address 151 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 151 Kapahu
Oahu's only zoo. Located in Waikiki.

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Full Description
Looking for something to do in Waikiki that's family friendly? Then take your kids to the Honolulu Zoo where they'll see a variety of animals and even get up close and personal with a few furry friends in the petting zoo.

Some of the animals you'll encounter at the zoo include an aardvark, porcupine, lion, monkey, rhinoceros, cheetah, chimpanzee, fox, goat, zebra, baboon, hippopotamus, elephant, llama, miniature horse, orangutan, cow, giraffe, skunk, meerkat, sheep, tiger, reptiles, birds, and many more.

If the kids need to burn off some steam there is a small, and shaded, playground area inside as well. Food and drinks are offered for sale as are souvenirs.

General admissions is $14 for those 13 and over, $6 for those 3-12, and free for those under 3. Kama'aina and military discounts are available with ID.

Rebecca R
Joined: Jan 2018
Reviews: 15
Likes Received: 2
The zoo is fun but if you have access to other zoos back home this one will likely be a bit boring because it's pretty small.
Nicole L
Joined: Aug 2017
Reviews: 30
Likes Received: 0
Only thing that impressed me was the wild peacock running around. Very short walk around, maybe 1.5 hours only if you are just strolling and not walking. There is maybe 4-6 nasty, dirty kids area. Place needs work or a lesson in what a zoo really is.
Joined: May 2016
Reviews: 67
Likes Received: 2
Let me start with I enjoy going to the zoo. It's something that reminds me of being a kid. I think part of what I liked about this particular zoo was that it had so many animals that my zoo's at home don't have. No, it's not a huge selection, but I feel like it has enough animals to hold it's ground as a decent zoo. I also really liked that sign where they have other zoo's painted pointing in the direction and the distance away. It reminds you that you're in the middle of an ocean and a lot of these animals aren't originally from here. I hope that the keepers love and take care of the animals as much as I love going to visit them.
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 426
Likes Received: 12
The kids will love it but my opinion is that it's very small and needs an upgrade. We had a fun day but the zoo is average. Prices weren't bad but would I come back, no not really.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
Reviews: 803
Likes Received: 111
Let's just get this out of the way: If you really like zoos then you are probably going to be disappointed by the Honolulu Zoo. The parking situation isn't great and might be full, otherwise you'll pay around $1 per hour to park. The zoo isn't all that large and there aren't really a lot of animals. The real problem with this zoo is the way the animal areas (cages) are designed. Most just feel too small for the animals inside and many are just fenced in cages which makes taking pictures of the animal a bit difficult.

There are improvements and additions being made here but it seems like some of the newer exhibits aren't all that great. Lots of turtle exhibits and while the elephant has a new home, it seemed as though it wasn't allowed to come out or simply didn't want to on our last visit. There is still a fair amount of unused land so we're hoping that we'll see more animals at some point in the future.

While it does have some good exhibits and a decent little petting zoo for the kids it just feels a bit sad overall. You can't help but feel as though they don't have the budget to make a proper zoo. There is also a small kids playground area (nicely shaded) so the little ones can run around and burn off some energy. We're not sure why this is at a zoo but it's there and your kids may find this to be the highlight of their zoo visit.

There is also a little food place here in case you get hungry but the bottom lines is that it's zoo food so it's going to be bland and pricey. You can probably find better food outside the zoo and considering you can see the entire zoo in an hour or two you can probably plan a meal around your visit here.

It's not too expensive at least and will run you around $6 for kids 3-12 and $14 for those 13 and up (with Hawaii or Military ID the prices will be $4 and $8) while kids 2 and under are free. Try visiting in the morning, especially in the summer time because once it gets hot out you'll likely not see very many animals.

Still not sure if the zoo is right for you? Check out our videos to see the level of excitement you are in for!
Joined: Aug 2013
Reviews: 16
Likes Received: 5
Our kids liked this a lot and we all had a lot of fun here but it is pretty small I guess and we didn't see tons of the big animals (mostly turtles, birds, and small animals). For the price, it seemed average and fair at least.
Joined: Aug 2013
Reviews: 19
Likes Received: 5
Went here once and that was enough. Very small, not many animals to actually see, lots of small cages. Pass.
Joined: Aug 2013
Reviews: 21
Likes Received: 2
I pretty average zoo at best with not tons of animals really but it is getting better all the time at least.
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