Kauai Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, & More Near Nu'alolo Cliffs Trail

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Iliau Nature Loop in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
Very short nature walk with amazing canyon views.
Kukui Trail in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
Difficult trail with amazing views. Around 2.5 miles long each way.
Hanakapi'ai Falls in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
8 mile hike. 300 foot waterfall. Difficult.
Hanakapi'ai Beach in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
Difficult to access beach along the Napali Coast.
Polihale Beach State Park in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
One of Hawaii's longest, widest beaches. Long, bumpy journey to reach it.
Napali Coast in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
The beautiful expanse of cliffs along the northwest side of Kauai. Conside...
Ke'e Beach Park in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
Beautiful and very popular beach on Kauai's north west side.
Kalalau Trail in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Spectacular, breathtakingly gorgeous trail. Advanced hikers only.
Waikanaloa & Waikapalae Wet Caves in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
Cave located near Ke'e Beach in Kauai.
Ha'ena State Park in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
An amazing state park that is home to a great beach and one of Hawaii's mos...
Haena, Hawaii Guide in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
Complete guide to the town of Haena, Kauai, Hawaii.
Maniniholo Dry Cave in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
Located in Haena Beach Park, this is the first cave on your way to Ke'e Bea...
Limahuli Garden and Preserve - National Tropical Botanical Garden in Kauai - Haena , Hawaii
Take a tour through the gardens of this botanical natural preserve. Limahul...
Pu'u Ki-Wai'alae Trail in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
Long hiking trail that's best done on horseback.
Ha'ena Beach Park / Maniniholo Beach in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
Beautiful beach with very clear and very blue waters.
Makua Beach / Tunnels Beach in Kauai - Haena, Hawaii
Secluded beach, great for snorkeling during calm seas. Parking is terrible,...
The Hanalei Gourmet in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Enjoy fresh local produce, fresh baked breads, and fresh meats and seafood....
Sushigirl Kauai in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Take-out sushi restaurant located on Kauai's north shore.
Wainiha Beach Park / Wainiha Bay in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
No parking, murky water, and dangerous surf add up to a less than ideal bea...
Hanalei Colony Resort in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Vacation rental condos.
The Mediterranean Gourmet in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
The Mediterranean Gourmet is offering oceanfront dining experience, situate...
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