Wainiha Beach Park / Wainiha Bay

2.5 stars from 1 reviews
Address Highway 560, Kapaa, HI 96746
No parking, murky water, and dangerous surf add up to a less than ideal beach.

• Type: Murky Water • Sand Type: Regular

Full Description
Wainiha Bay Beach is located at the end of the Wainiha River, where that river empties into the ocean and so the water here tends to be very murky (remember, sharks like murky water as we talk about in Shark Attacks In Hawaii). On top of that, the surf here is pretty dangerous all year round so it's not a place we recommend swimming.

Since the parking situation here is virtually non-existent, it's probably not worth your time at all. We suggest that you just skip it altogether.

If you do go you'll certainly enjoy some lovely views and more than likely have the entire beach to yourself which is sort of fun but other than relaxing in the sand or doing a little beachcombing there isn't much for you here.

Matt A
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The views here are pretty amazing, but the same can be said about so many places on the island. Since the swimming isn't good and you have a river muddying up the waters I can't suggest coming here. On top of that, finding a place to park without a long walk won't be easy.
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