Kukui Trail

Image Credit DavidnKeng|https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidnkeng/9637952371/
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Phone (808) 274-3433
Address Kokee Rd, Waimea, HI 96796
Difficult trail with amazing views. Around 2.5 miles long each way.

• General: Camping • General: Cost: Free • General: Cost: Paid • General: Photo Opportunity • General: State Park
• Hiking: Hiking • Hiking: Length: 2-3 Miles • Hiking: Level: Difficult • Hiking: Major Elevation Changes • Hiking: Out & Back Trail
• Sightseeing: Great Views • Sightseeing: Waterfalls • Water Activities: Fishing

The Kukui Trail is located at the western edge of Waimea Canyon in Kokee State Park in the same area as the Iliau Nature Loop. This out and back style trail is around 2.5 miles in length so expect a total round trip hike of 5 miles if you do the entire hike.

You can find the trailhead along Kokee Road (Highway 550) about 3/4 of a mile beyond Mile Marker 8. See our directions / map page for exact location.

The trail is incredibly scenic as you start at around 3,000 feet above sea level and hike down to around 800 feet above sea level. That 2,200 foot elevation change helps make this a difficult hike.

Along the trail you'll travel through a forest of Kukui trees and see some incredible waterfalls in the distance. At the bottom is the Waimea River and camping is available (by permit, for a fee) at the end of the trail at the Wiliwili Camp site. You'll also run into the Waimea Canyon Trail at the end of the Kukui Trail trail.

As with any hike, always read up on Hiking Safety & Essentials before heading out. Because this hike down drop down to the river level, always be aware of the dangers of a Flash Flood. Before drinking or swimming in any water, make sure you know about Leptospirosis.

When at the bottom, adventurous hikers may choose to continue on to the Koaie Canyon Trail which starts just a bit north of the Kukui Trail end point. That trail also has its own campsites. If you are camping be sure to get your permit ahead of time and have it on you. You can purchase one online here.

The above map gives a rough idea on the route you'll be taking on the Kukui Trail.