Honomu, Hawaii Guide

Honomu, Hawaii Guide
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Complete guide to the city of Honomu, Big Island, Hawaii.

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Honomu Location

The town of Honomu is located along the east side of Hawaii's Big Island, about 13 miles north of Hilo. It's sandwiched between Pepeekeo to the south and Hakalau to the north. Getting here is easy as the main coastal road on this side of the island, the Mamalahoa Highway, passes right through the town. If you're planning to see Akaka Falls State Park, which will cover in just a bit, you'll be passing through this town to get there.

Honomu History

Honomu town was a sugar plantation town back when Sugar in Hawaii was a big deal. If you lived here then chances are good that you (or your family) worked (in some form) for the Honomu Sugar Factory. Of course, sugar is no longer grown here which means this sleepy little town relies more on tourism than anything else.

Honomu today has a population just over 500 people or so and is rich with the Aloha Spirit. Take a stroll around and it's easy to picture what old Hawaii life was like here.

Honomu Attractions

The "main street" area of the town, which you'll miss if you blink, is located just off of the main Mamalahoa Highway on the creatively named Old Mamalahoa Highway. Made up of just a handful of shops and eateries, there isn't a lot to see and do in the town but how can you pass up a chance to see what life was like back in the plantation days. It's worth a stop to see the old architecture and grab a coffee or pastry or maybe bring home a souvenir. Besides, for many of the local businesses here it's tourists who stop on their way to see Akaka Falls State Park that keep their doors open.

On that note, it's probably obvious by now that Akaka Falls State Park, with it's 400+ foot tall waterfall, is the big attraction in this area. It's what brings virtually every tourist in this area to this area. This is a popular attraction and not to be missed if you're on this side of the island. If you don't find the waterfall thrilling enough by itself, try zipping over it with Skyline Eco Adventures - Akaka Falls.

If you're looking for a sandy beach then this isn't your town. You will find Kolekole Beach Park here, but it's a very rocky beach. Worth checking out for the general beauty it offers but it's not a place to swim.

View all that Honomu has to offer here.

Honomu Fun Facts

The name Honomu means "silent bay" in Hawaiian. It's not hard to imagine why this sleepy town fits that name so well.