Kolekole Beach Park

Phone (808) 961-8311
4 stars from 3 reviews
Address Hwy 19, Honomu, HI 96728
Rocky beach with a stream and waterfall.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: BBQ Grills
• Facilities: Camping • Facilities: Grassy Area
• Facilities: Picnic Tables • Type: Murky Water
• Parking: Good / Plenty

Full Description
Kolekole Beach Park isn't a typical beach park because there really isn't a sandy beach here. It's really just rocks and boulders that make up the shoreline here. It's also not a place you'll want to swim because the water currents are just too dangerous and the water is quite murky as the Kolekole Stream empties into the ocean here.

So why visit Kolekole Beach? Simple, it's a tropical paradise complete with a stream, waterfall, ocean views, and it even has some facilities on top of that. It's a good place to BBQ and picnic and just relax, at least if it's a weekday. You can even camp here, though you'll need a permit for that. On the weekend this place is likely to be busy with locals doing the same thing so probably best to leave it for them on those days.

If the river isn't too insane you may spot some kids playing in the water or by the waterfall. If you're planning to take a dip yourself just remember that all freshwater streams in Hawaii run the danger of Leptospirosis. If you want an easy waterfall to see or photograph, this is surely a good spot. If you're wondering where all of this water comes from, it's the same water you saw at Akaka Falls State Park.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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More of a place to come and be one with nature than anything else. I wouldn't swim in the river water here but it's worth seeing. Bring a lunch and let the kids run around in the grassy area for a while.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
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There is a trestle bridge over this beach park which takes away from the beauty of this area. A nice park to enjoy with the family, but other than playing in the stream, there isn't a much of a useful beach for visitors. The views of the ocean on the other side of the bridge are quite beautiful.

I guess a bridge it's somewhat beautiful in an industrial mainland sort of way, but I prefer my beaches without loud busy bridges overhead. However, this is a nice, visitor friendly beach park that doesn't feel overly protected by locals so for that reason I'll give it 4 stars.
Jurgen D
Joined: Feb 2015
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A great peaceful out of the way park. Restrooms need some attention.
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