Skyline Eco Adventures - Akaka Falls

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Address 28-1710 Honomu Rd, Honomu, HI 96728
Skyline Eco Adventures at Akaka Falls has 7 ziplines, each progressively longer in length, concluding with a zipline that soars over a 250' waterfall.

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• Tours: Guided • Flying Activities: Zipline

About Skyline Eco Adventures - Akaka Falls
Voted the #1 Zipline Tour in the Hawaiian Islands for 2016, Skyline Akaka Falls amazes the senses over 7 thrilling ziplines. Skyline Akaka Falls, soars over 250-foot Kolekole water-fall as the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding lush landscape comes into view.
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There's a big banner on the front porch of Skyline Eco Adventures – Akaka Falls. It says” Voted #1 Zipline in Hawaii.” That's a pretty big claim. Now, I had never ridden a zipline before, but have always had it on my bucket list. From what I had read, this was an amazing zipline, soI was looking forward to seeing what it was like.

Our guides Corey and Kaleo outfitted our group with harnesses and helmets at the office. Then we drove through the banana fields while they told us the history of the area. Both Corey and Kaleo were very nice, sweet and cute! One of them would go across the zipline first and wait for us while the other would hook us up to the line.

We didn't have to use a handbrake to slow down, so there was nothing to do but enjoy the ride. We just had to hold on to the harness with one hand and you can hold on to a camera or GoPro with the free hand if you'd like. The helmets are equipped with the GoPro attachments, but we were told that holding the GoPro on a stick worked the best.

We started with a very short line to give us a taste of how it felt to go down on a zipline. Then each line got progressively longer. On every ride, the tour guides were conscientious to make certain that we were in our harnesses properly, and connected safely to the line. Safety is of utmost importance, and after my first run, I was not fearful for the rest of the day. I felt totally safe. The first time we went over a deep valley, we all screamed in delight. The view was incredible. The whole area was peaceful and serene. The 7th line was what we were all anxiously waiting for.

Walking up the the final platform was surreal. The platform was massive - it looked like a structure out of Jurassic Park. We had to climb several flights of stairs to reach the top. I looked out from the line, and I could hardly see the other side it was so far away. As we climbed up the stairs to give us even more height, we were feeling a little apprehensive. The line is 3,350 feet long and it takes one and a half minute to go down. I was told that we rode at 40+ miles per hour.

I had the view of the Kolekole Falls and the whole valley with the stream snaking down the valley. The view was breathtaking and majestic. The waterfall was huge and I saw a rainbow near the surface of the pool to top it off. The ride will naturally have you face toward the majestic waterfall. Even though the ride is about 2 minutes long, I wish it could have stayed up there longer. It was so beautiful. But gravity dictates, so I allowed myself to really soak it in.

At the end of the last line, we were treated with freshly cut sugar cane to gnaw on.

The tour lasted about an 1.5 hours.

Tip: Although I had my GoPro with me, I tried not to let it distract me from what I was experiencing. I just turned it on before I launched, and enjoyed the ride. I recommend that you don't let your photography get in the way of being present with your experience.

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I wanted to do the Akaka Falls, Big Island Zipline Tour because going over a 250-foot waterfall seemed like the ultimate badass thing to do. It totally lived up to my expectations. It was spectacular and thrilling. And amazingly it was easy and not scary at all!

When I stood at the top of the platform and looked at where I was going to go over, I couldn’t help but feel a little scared at first. But as soon as I started sliding down the line, I forgot all about the fear and felt an incredible joy. I felt like I was flying and I wanted to let go of the harness I was holding on to and pretend that I was flying. But my better senses told me to hold on to the line. I thought this must be how birds feel when they soar. It was an exhilarating and adrenaline pumping experience.

Alas, it ended too soon… The last zipline over the waterfall was amazing. One and a half minutes actually is a pretty long time to go down on a zipline. But I wanted it to last for an hour and was sad when it was over. I wanted to go back up and do it again.

It was one of the most exciting adventures I have been on in my entire life.
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All I can say is “wow”. Ziplining is definitely a thrill. The guides were really professional making sure we were properly secured to the harness. The scenery was gorgeous. Each ride was better than the last. Although I’ve never had the chance to parachute, I can imagine this might be a little similar. You’re floating in the air with the wind blowing your hair and amazing views below.

The last zipline was awesome. It's the big kahuna of all Hawaiian ziplines. The view was spectacular. Since I was first on to ride on the long zipline, I watched the expression on everyone’s face as they decelerated in. In a word, everyone was "awestruck". Smiles from ear to ear, with eyes of pure elation. What a unique and special way to appreciate Hawaii. Seeing a well-preserved Hawaiian rain forest, river, and waterfall with virtually no destructive footprint.

Highly Recommended.
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What a thrill! What an absolutely once in a life-time must do experience! And, to experience this thrilling Hawaiian beauty I highly recommend Skyline Eco Adventures! Our guides Kaleo and Corey did an excellent job of orientation, assisting us individually and working with each of us as we mastered the seven increasingly longer and higher zip lines. Our guides were both very professional, aware of our surroundings at all time, in communication with each other via walkie-talkies, ensured safety was a priority but yet introduced a bit of humor to ease any tension a group member may have been feeling.

Our first zip line carefully introduced us to feeling comfortable in our harness and what it felt like to be zipped along a cable across a grassy area. Progressively longer and higher zips with our seventh and final zip line about one and half minutes long that went over a lush valley with a picturesque 250ft waterfall!!! Believe it or not, we had time to take pictures or use a GoPro to capture this epic experience. I highly recommend this zip line experience as you plan your Big Island vacation. I love sharing this story with my friends and family and can't wait to share the pictures and videos.
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Skyline Eco Adventures - Akaka Falls have virtually flawless favorability from hundreds of reviewers.
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What a thrilling adventure! This trip contains 7 increasingly longer and progressively higher zip lines. With the final cable over a mile long and taking one and a half minutes to complete, we had lots of air/hang time over spectacular views.

When you arrive, they outfit you with a harness, helmet, and trolley. They will also loan you a fanny pack to hold your keys or other small items you need to take on the trip. After a short scenic drive in their van thru the countryside, past ginger and sugarcane fields, you arrive at the first zip line.

If you have never zipped before, this beginning line will give you a feel for what zip lining is like and you can practice using your camera, GoPro etc. Our guides Corey and Kaleo did a great job describing each run, giving directions and cracking jokes. They were a lot of fun and put us all at ease. Rest assured they are very careful making safety their top priority. With a guide on each end of the run, they communicated back and forth for each departure and landing. They took care when setting us up on the line and I felt perfectly safe. Safe yes, but nothing beats that rush flying thru the air and hanging high over the gully, with rivers and waterfalls far below!

Each run is a little different with a brief walk in between the landing and the next starting platform. I liked that they gradually got longer and higher and increased the thrill factor with each run. The course has a nice variety and the views are gorgeous. The final run soaring high over Akaka falls is truly spectacular. Whether you have done zip lining before, or this is your first time out, I highly recommend this experience. There is no better way to get a rush and see these incredible views!
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