Ewa Beach, Hawaii Guide

Ewa Beach, Hawaii Guide
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Address , Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Complete guide to the city of Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

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Ewa Beach Location

The city of Ewa Beach, where the word Ewa is pronounced "eh-vuh", is located on the southwest side of O'ahu in an area known as the Ewa Plain. It's located right next to (east of) Oahu's "second city" of Kapolei and west of the Pearl Harbor West Loch (see Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial).

The word Ewa actually means more than just this city. It's also a direction you'll hear often in Hawaii when on O'ahu and it reference the general direction of the city. For example, if you're in Honolulu and somebody says you need to "head Ewa" they're telling you to head west. The flip side, when you're in the Ewa area, is when somebody tells you to head Diamond Head or says they're "town-bound" which indicates an east direction. These are very common ways of describing directions on the island.

Ewa Beach History

The name "Ewa" means "crooked" or "ill-fitting" in the Hawaiian language. Legend says that the gods Kanaloa and Kane threw a stone to create the boundaries of this area but the stone was lost, and thus the name was given. The stone was eventually found in a place known as Pili o Kahe near the Nanakuli Stream.

Back when Hawaii was under the rule of Queen Lili'uokalani, the area was a large plantation farm. As the American influence came to Hawaii the area was used for growing sugar and played a major role with Sugar in Hawaii.

Ewa Beach Attractions

The area is home to a few beaches, with White Plains Beach, Ewa Beach Park, and Iroquois Beach being the top choices here and worth checking out.

Train buffs (and children of all ages) may enjoy checking out The Hawaiian Railway Society where you can take a ride on a train that travels through Kapolei, the Ko Olina Resort, and up to the Waianae Coast.

Golfers will find a large number of golf courses here that include Ewa Beach Golf Course, Ewa Villages Golf Course, Hawaii Prince Golf Club, Hoakalei Country Club At Ocean Pointe, West Loch Golf Course, and Coral Creek Golf Course.

View all that Ewa Beach has to offer here.

Ewa Beach Fun Facts

The word Ewa actually has two different spellings which are Ewa and 'Ewa and they have slightly different meanings. Ewa without the 'okina (' mark) means strayed or wandering while Ewa with the 'okina means crooked, ill-fitting, or imperfect. Both versions work for the legend of Kanaloa and Kane (see Ewa Beach History above) but the original spelling is said to be 'Ewa (with 'okina).

The city is also home to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, which tracks and warns of any approaching Tsunami, and the Honolulu Geomagnetic Observatory.