Iroquois Beach

Iroquois Beach
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Address 5346-5358 Edgewater Dr, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Manmade beaches on Navy land but fully open to the public.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Grassy Area • Facilities: Picnic Tables • Facilities: Showers • Facilities: Sports Field
• Type: Kid Friendly • Type: No Dogs Allowed • Type: Shady • Parking: Good / Plenty

Iroquois Beach is located at the far southeast corner of the Ewa Beach area on O'ahu, right on the west side of the ocean entrance to Pearl Harbor (of Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial fame). To get to the beach you have to pass through land that is operated by the U.S. Navy but the general public is allowed here so come and enjoy it!

Let's back up a bit as getting here might be confusing. From the H1, take exit 5 and travel all the way south on Fort Weaver Road until you hit North Road where you will turn left (east-ish). If you miss the turn you'll continue on Fort Weaver which will also curve east but eventually dead end so turn around if that happens.

From North Road, head east until you find Iroquois Road where you will turn right (south east). Follow this road to the gated guard shack and stay in the far left lane (visitor lane). Our map / directions page marks the exact location if you're using GPS to get here.

You'll sign a waiver (that's our USA tax dollars at work!) and need to show your driver's license (or other government photo ID). You'll get a day pass and a map then just follow the same road and it will take you to the beach area where there are several small lots to park in. Your pass may even tell you which lot to park at so take note of that as the military likes to be all orderly.

The beach itself completed a $14 million dollar renovation recently which took it from nothing special to something pretty amazing. It's a fairly long beach with a lot of sand, though the sand has lots of little rocks and coral bits in it which detracts from the overall beach a bit.

Most of the beach is divided up into 8 small beaches with "T" shaped jetties that give each of the little beach areas a sort of protected lagoon feeling. These are still open to the ocean, not fully protected like the Ko'Olina Lagoons, so waves still come right in here but some areas are more protected than others.

The water here makes some pretty shades of blue but the water is a bit on the cloudy side from wave action that churns up the sand. It's not murky or gross, just a bit cloudy but still very nice. If the water was a little more clear and the beach was combed to remove all of the rocks and debris then this would probably be a 5 star beach.

There are no lifeguards here but you will find bathrooms, showers, BBQs, volleyball net, grassy areas, and some shade from the palapas (thatched umbrellas) that come complete with chairs. Of course, the rules say those are only for residents of the community here so you can look but not touch. And, yes, there is a roving security patrol here that will ask for proof of residency.

One section of the beach is marked as a "dog beach" so you'll probably want to avoid that. The rules say that dogs have to be on leashes but we saw a few large dogs that weren't. Not sure why they plopped a dog beach in the middle of this otherwise excellent beach area but that's another knock against it for sure (because it only takes one dog owner to not clean up after their dog to ruin an otherwise excellent beach).

During the week you likely won't find many people here at all. During the weekends it's probably mostly just the local residents because nobody seems to know anything about this place yet but expect it to get busy over the coming years as more and more people find out about this one.

On that note, the community here is called The Waterfront at Puuloa and is a set of mostly duplex style houses (apartments) that you can lease if you are looking to live in this area. The community is very nice and the whole place feels like some sort of 1950's / 1960's Leave It To Beaver type neighborhood. Looks like a nice place to live, feels very safe, has an on site elementary school and park, just too bad the housing units are so old feeling and cheap looking on the outside.