White Plains Beach

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Address Essex Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Great for swimming or beginner surfing and lessons.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Equipment Rentals • Facilities: Grassy Area • Facilities: Lifeguard • Facilities: Picnic Tables
• Facilities: Showers • Type: Kid Friendly • Type: Shady • Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Good / Plenty
• Good For: SUP • Good For: Swimming • Surfing Level: Beginner • Surfing Level: Intermediate

White Plains is a fairly average beach with some above average features. If you are in the military you can rent surfboards, snorkel gear, stand up paddle boards, etc. Military types can also rent beach cottages here. If you're not in the military there's still a lot this beach can offer.

It's a decent enough sandy beach with plenty of room and we've never seen any sort of crowd here during a weekday. Of course, that all changes on the weekend when the locals come and pack the place in, mostly because the surfing here is pretty good.

But it also has a lot of facilities like lifeguards, showers, bathrooms, lots of picnic tables, shady areas, and grills to cook up some tasty BBQ.

Part of the beach is sectioned off into a swimming lane and the other part a surfing lane and there is no fishing allowed here so you don't (at least in theory) have to worry about a fishing hook in your foot.

All of this along with an offshore reef that keeps the waves down and a flat ocean bottom and fairly shallow water make it one of the safer places to take surfing lessons and it's certainly less crowded than Waikiki for that!

For swimming, the shoreline has a fair amount of rocks and rocky bottom areas in some places but there is plenty of water access to get in for a swim.