Popular Tv Shows Filmed In Hawaii

Popular TV Shows Filmed In Hawaii
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Top televisions shows filmed in Hawaii.

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Popular Movies Filmed In Hawaii

Baywatch Hawaii

It's hard to believe this gem only ran from 1999 to 2000. Well, maybe it's not so hard to believe. The original show actually aired in 1989 for a single season and got canceled. David Hasselhoff (which I'd call the "star", but let's face reality here, the real stars were something else entirely) acquired the rights, financing, and revived the show in 1991. After ten years of filming they moved the location from California beaches to Hawaii beaches. At its peak, the show had over 1 billion viewers in 140 countries tuning in to watch all of that slow motion bouncing goodness. That's 1 in 6 people (in 2000 population numbers) watching Baywatch! Amazing.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

This was a surprise hit and featured Duane "Dog" Chapman and his family / crew doing what they do best, catching criminals. The Chapman's actually live on Oahu, that photo above is their front gate. They also run Da Kine Bail Bonds and travel all over Oahu and the Big Island, among other places.

Hawaii 5-0

Which do you prefer, the original or the remake? Either way, it's hard not to love this cop show. The photo above is of the Ilikai Hotel & Suites - an Aqua Boutique which was featured in the opening sequence of the original version. It showed Jack Lord (Detective Steve McGarrett) standing on the 30th floor lanai of the Ilikai as a camera zoomed in. The current show, just like the original, films all over the place but a good place for fans to start is in Waikiki (see Waikiki Guide) and Honolulu in general.


Who didn't like the television series Lost? It's a classic tale of being stranded on a deserted island with a lot of bizarre, science-fiction style twists along the way. It's X-Files meets Gilligan's Island, only not at all. The locations used are too numerous to mention but if you're looking for the "others" camp be sure to check out YMCA Camp Erdman which even has a "Dharma Initiative" sign you can poke your head through for a photo memory. Other fun sites include Papa'iloa Beach (Police Beach) which was the survivor's camp site and Mokuleia Beach Park was the actual crash site.

Magnum P.I.

If you were a fan of Magnum P.I., and how could you not be, then three things were certain in your life. First, you wanted to move to Hawaii. Second, you wanted to live in Robin's Nest (which is actually The Anderson Estate). Third, and possibly most important of all, is that you needed to own a Ferrari 308 (preferably the GTS / GTSi variant for authenticity). Optional was growing a wicked mustache, wearing sweet aloha shirts, and short plum-smuggling shorts. Looking for the beach behind Robin's Nest? You know the one. Yes you do. The one in the opening title sequence when Magnum is helping that bikini clad girl learn to snorkel, bless his heart. Well, that's Kaiona Beach Park and it really is behind Robin's Nest.