Popular Movies & Tv Shows Filmed In Hawaii

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Top movies and televisions shows filmed in Hawaii.

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Guide Series: Movies & TV Shows Filmed In Hawaii
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Popular Movies Filmed In Hawaii
Hawaii has always been a muse for writers, photographers, and filmmakers. From tropical beaches to lush and wet forests, Hawaii offers a wide variety of backdrops for so many types of movies. It's no wonder this is such a popular place to film so many popular movies and television shows.

Here's our list of some of the top movies and TV shows filmed in Hawaii. We'll divide this up into two parts by separating movies from television shows.

Popular Movies Filmed In Hawaii

Movie buffs, start here with your guide to Popular Movies Filmed In Hawaii.

Popular TV Shows Filmed In Hawaii

Television fans, this is your guide to Popular Movies Filmed In Hawaii.

Vickey W
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The Hawaiian Islands are the best spots to film movies. We have been lucky to see some spots where they were filmed such as Jurassic Park, the movie Blue Hawaii Elvis Presley was in, we went to the beach in Kauai where they filmed the opening scene of Gilligans Island and any more.
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We were fortunate on the first trip to Hawaii, we saw where Hawaii 5 - 0 is filmed. It was interesting to find out that the inside tapings of the office of 5 - 0 is actually filmed in the building across the street. The tour guide told us that if they were filming we could not get off of the bus, however on this particular day, they were not.
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