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Guide To Hawaii
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E Komo Mai (Welcome!)

Hawaii is made up of six primary islands which are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Lanai, and Molokai. Each island provides its own unique experiences, features, and landscapes. All are beautiful in their own way and all will greet you with the aloha you've heard so much about.

Whether your a first time visitor, a local, or anything in between, you're covered. We've included everything about Hawaii's beautiful beaches, fun things to do, amazing restaurants, and incredible resorts. We even have tons of informational articles on a wide variety of Hawaii topics.

What Is

It's easier to tell you what we're not. We're not a travel agent so we don't take reservations or handle any bookings. That means we're not out to get your money! So what do we offer? In a word: information. We have tons of Information on all things Hawaii. We present all that Hawaii has to offer in the form of articles, reviews, ratings, pictures, videos, calendar events, and a community forum where we'll be happy to answer any Hawaii questions you have. We're a complete travel guide to Hawaii and available on your computer or mobile device (just head to on your phone, no app needed!).

We'll show you Hawaii's best beaches and things to do. We'll write honest reviews and do our best to point you in the right direction for maximum fun. We'll explain how to snorkel, why we love SPAM, and what a Humuhumunukunukuapuaa is along with how to pronounce it. We're huge fans of Hawaii and simply want to share our knowledge with you.

Join Us

We also hope you'll join our ohana (or login if you're already a member). It's free to join and you'll then be able to add your own reviews, ratings, and photos of the places you've visited. Your reviews will help others in their travels as well.

The Basics

Hawaii is the 50th state in the United States of America, having joined the union in 1959 via the Hawaii Admission Act. Official languages included English and Hawaiian but we're such a melting pot of cultures that you'll hear a variety of other languages too. Read some frequently asked questions on Hawaii or enjoy some fun facts.

It's obvious why the islands are so popular! Everyone loves our perfect Hawaii weather, sandy beaches, and warm oceans to play in. That makes the Hawaiian Islands a popular tourist destination. If that wasn't enough, we also have world class resorts, dining, and activities.

A Rich Culture

Don't think Hawaii is all mai tais and luaus though! Sure, we have all that fun touristy stuff and encourage you to experience it while giving your best shaka. But there's an amazing history to Hawaii as well. Learn about legends like Pele and Maui. If you enjoy being spooked then read about haunted Hawaii, the Night Marchers, or the Menehune.

Want more? Visit an ancient Heiau, learn the history of King Kamehameha, and the Battle of Nu'uanu. Then dive into some of the more modern history that begins with Captain James Cook and takes you through the WWII events at Pearl Harbor and beyond.

Vacation Planning

Planning a trip to Hawaii can be both complex and expensive but we're here to help with that! Let us help you research your options and make things easier and cheaper. The first thing you may want to know is what a Hawaii vacation costs. Then we suggest reading about how many islands you should visit on your vacation. Planning to get married in Hawaii? Read on for information on Hawaii weddings.

Learn how to travel to Hawaii on a budget as well as the best and cheapest times to book tickets and travel to Hawaii. Planning to save money by skipping the rental car? Then you'll want to see if you really need a rental car before making that decision. Once you get things scheduled you'll want to read our packing tips and brush up on your beach etiquette. Once all the tough work is done and things are planned, be sure to sit back and relax by enjoying our Hawaii picture gallery.

Ready To Explore Further?

Select an island to further explore everything that island has to offer you:

Oahu - The Gathering Place

Maui - The Valley Island

Kauai - The Garden Island

Big Island - The Volcano Island

Lanai - The Pineapple Island

Molokai - The Friendly Island

You can also learn about Kahoolawe Island and Ni'ihau, even if you can't spend (much) time there. While the islands are generally all fun and games, you should also be safe and read: Hawaii Dangers - Read Before You Go.

Still Have Questions?

We're here to help! If you have a question about something, want to post a trip report, or just wanted to say Aloha then please post a message in our community forums. We read everything that is posted and do our best to answer any questions you have. If you'd like to contact us for another reason please drop us a line here.