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Ancient, deceased Hawaiians still roaming the islands today.

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The very mention of the word Nightmarchers to some of those who live in Hawaii is enough to have them change the subject or simply refuse to talk about the topic. Out of all of the various Hawaiian myths and legends, few bring paralyzing fear more than the Nightmarchers. Even people who would otherwise be diehard paranormal skeptics fear the legend of the Nightmarchers.

So what is a night marcher exactly? It's said that this is a group of ancient, deceased Hawaiians. Likely actual ali'i (chiefs) and / or those working for the ali'i. More specifically, these are the spirits of those ancient people that manifest themselves in a human-like form. They appear in a group that some say float a few inches above the ground yet still leave footprints.

You'll know they're coming because you'll hear a distant drumbeat that gets louder as it approaches. The nightmarchers march to this drum beat and most often appear when it's dark out. Just after sunset and just before sunrise are the most common times, especially on a full moon. Of course, they've also been reported during the daytime when it's said they're coming for the spirit of a recently deceased relative.

As that drumbeat gets louder, they're getting closer to your location. If you stick around you'll start to see the glow of torches as they approach, and then the marcher themselves. The suggested course of action for a Nightmarcher encounter is pretty simple, run away fast before they ever get near you. If that isn't an option, supposedly your next best bet is to lie down on the ground, face down out of their general path. Staying in their path is not wise as, according to some, you can get kicked and trampled by them.

Failing to do that or making eye contact with the marchers in any way is said to result in your own death soon after. If your blood is of Hawaiian descent then you may be okay, at least if one of your ancestors is among the marchers, in which case you may be allowed to live. Fact? Fiction? Are you sure you really want to find out either way?

So what are the marchers doing in their walk anyhow? It's impossible to know for sure but some think that they're simply doing their job. Their job being to check their land and collect tributes from the commoners. This what they did when they were alive so it's thought that this may be what they continue to do, in their afterlife.

They're often seen in the same areas of the islands, going to or coming from infamous battle sites or to various heiaus and other sacred sites. It's said that nothing will get in their way so if a structure has been built that blocks the natural path that existed in ancient times, they'll simply walk right through that structure. Think about that before you build your Hawaiian dream home because the last thing you'll want to see is a group of Nightmarchers stomping through your house in the middle of the night. Spooky indeed.