The Shaka

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Learn a bit about what the shaka is and what it means.

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1. Make a fist with your hand
2. Stick out your thumb and your pinky
3. Spread out a little
4. Relax and smile

The wave. The smile. The hug. The kisses on both cheeks. All of these are the ways we greet, or submit our goodbyes and thank you's.

Well here in Hawaii, we started the Shaka. You see it on the North Shore sign, on t-shirts, when people thank you for turning into your lane driving, and just about everywhere.

It's a natural way of saying Aloha. Aloha means many things; Hello, goodbye, thank you, hope all is well, congratulations, and all positive things (or vibes).

This was passed on to fellow surfers in California in the 60s' when the Hawaiians traveled up there.

Toss up one of these, and you're sure to fit in!

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We noticed everyone doing the shaka so much the first time we were in Hawaii. I noticed that when cars passed each other, they would stick there hand out the window and do the shaka. This was done so much that when we returned to the mainland, I found myself giving people shakas. I'm sure they were thinking that I was giving them an obscene gesture, however, I was just sharing the aloha spirit. We throw the shaka at everyone now.
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