Kauai Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, & More Near Princeville Restaurant & Bar

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Kauai Vacation Outfitters in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
Rent bikes, SUP boards, pop up tents, beach chairs, ice chests, and more.
Makai Club Resort in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
This resort offers a great setting for either a cozy romantic getaway, or a...
Kauai By Stephanie in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Queen's Bath in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
Naturally formed pool in lava rock. Not a sandy beach at all. Worth the 15 ...
Makai Golf Club in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
Makai Grill in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
Serving salads, sandwiches, and more.
Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Located on the east side of Hanalei Bay. Good facilities. Good for surfing ...
The Cliffs at Princeville in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
Condominium rentals.
The Plantation at Princeville in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
This getaway offers ocean views – and the opportunity to enjoy French-press...
Hanalei Taro & Juice Company Lunch Wagons in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Farm fresh taro products, authentic Hawaiian food, and smoothies.
Hoopulapula Haraguchi Rice Mill in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Hoopulapula Haraguchi Rice Mill is an agrarian museum located in the taro f...
Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market is an in-house fish market of the Dolphin resta...
Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
The Dolphin Restaurant is known for fresh seafood and a peaceful atmosphere...
Kayak Hanalei in Kauai - Princeville, Hawaii
Guided Kayak and SUP Tours of Hanalei Bay and River.
Tahiti Nui in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Bar and restaurant in quaint Hanalei. Known for their popular mai tai drink...
Fresh Bite Kauai in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Serving poi breakfast bowls, salads, sandwiches, and more. All made using l...
Tropical Taco in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Service up Mexican cuisine and seafood for lunch and dinner.
Pink's Creamery in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, and even grilled cheese.
JoJo's Shave Ice in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Postcards Cafe in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Gourmet vegetarian and seafood.
Hawaiian Surfing Adventures in Kauai - Hanalei, Hawaii
Learn to surf at Hanalei Bay.
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