Kauai Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, & More Near Donkey Beach (Paliku Beach)

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Donkey Beach (Paliku Beach) in Kauai - Kealia, Hawaii
Hidden gem of a secluded beach that's often fairly empty.
Kauai Eden Tours in Kauai - Kealia, Hawaii
The Green Pig in Kauai - Kealia, Hawaii
Kealia Beach Park in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Popular with advanced surfers and boogie boarders.
Huli Chicken in Kauai - Anahola, Hawaii
A road side food stand that specializes in huli huli chicken meals during l...
Anahola Cafe and Saimin Stand in Kauai - Anahola, Hawaii
This is a nice place for lunch and dinner. They serve freshly made seafood ...
El Taco Feliz / Happy Taco in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
El Taco Feliz is a food truck that provides Mexican food right off the main...
Anahola Beach Park in Kauai - Anahola, Hawaii
Popular hangout for locals with children due to the calm water from an offs...
Watersports Adventures in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Little Greek Town in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
A little food truck that serves of Greek style food and is open for lunch a...
NOM Breakfast & Burgers in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Julep Kai in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Serving shave ice, smoothies, and more.
Kealia Beach Shave Ice in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Aloha Coffee Truck in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Bourbon Street Kitchen in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Serving Cajun food.
Anahola, Hawaii Guide in Kauai - Anahola, Hawaii
Complete guide to the city of Anahola, Kauai, Hawaii.
Live Fire Pizza in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Serving wood fired pizza.
Gopals Creperie in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
Crepe stand in Kapaa for breakfast and lunch.
Duane’s Ono-Char Burger in Kauai - Anahola, Hawaii
Serving up Hawaiian and American style cuisine in a casual atmosphere for b...
Small Town Coffee in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
This is the best place for artisan coffees and great service. You can find ...
Al Pastor in Kauai - Kapaa, Hawaii
A group of stands specializing in Mexican lunch cuisine blended with Hawaii...
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