Anahola, Hawaii Guide

Anahola, Hawaii Guide
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Address , Anahola, HI 96703
Complete guide to the city of Anahola, Kauai, Hawaii.

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Anahola Location

Anahola is a relatively small area, around 4 square miles, located on the northeast coast of the island of Kaua'i. It's on the east side of the Moloaa Forest Reserve with the Anahola Stream running through part of the area and emptying into Anahola Bay at Anahola Beach Park.

The area is easily accessible as the island's main road, the Kuhio Highway (56), runs through it. You'll find it just north of Kealia and Kapaa and just south of Kilauea (the city, not theKilauea Volcano on the Big Island).

Anahola History

The name Anahola is a Hawaiian word that translates as "deadly winds". Considering it's location on the windward (windy) side of the island, it's easy to understand why this name may have been given.

The island of Kaua'i was one of the last Hawaiian Islands to join the Kingdom of Hawaii during the reign of King Kamehameha. The ruler of Anahola at the time, who was known as Kaumualii, fought off Kamehameha's invasion attempts for years.

Anahola Attractions

Because this is just a small area, it's not full of tourist attractions but that doesn't mean you should just keep on driving. Instead, check out area as well as some of the local beaches such as Papa'a Bay, Anahola Beach Park, North Aliomanu Beach, and South Aliomanu Beach.

View all that Anahola has to offer here.

Anahola Fun Facts

Back in ancient Hawaiian times, the Anahola area was home to a surfing area know as Ka-naha-wale which translates as "easily broken". Sounds like even back then the Hawaiian people had no fear of big wave surfing.