Kawela Bay Beach Park

4.5 stars from 4 reviews
Address Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
Protected cove beach with a backdrop of beautiful trees.

• Type: Protected From Open Ocean • Sand Type: Regular
• Parking: Street only • Good For: Kayaking
• Good For: SUP • Good For: Swimming

Full Description
Kawela Bay Beach Park is a bit of a hidden treasure located in the Kahuku on the north shore of O'ahu. There are two main ways to access the beach. First up, hotel guests at Turtle Bay Resort can walk a pleasant 1.25 miles along a shaded trail. If you're driving in the other access is from a trail that begins across the street from the Kahuku Land Farms Stand.

Either path will take you through a shaded canopy of trees. Along the path from the Kahuku Land Farms Stand, You'll come across a massive banyan tree, with shoots that extend out for a hundred feet or more. This banyan tree will be recognizable to fans of the TV show "Lost". Many of the episodes were shot here and around Kawela Bay. This is a great spot to take photos that capture that tropical jungle vibe.

Along the trail, be sure to watch your step for the horse poop. A few companies have permits to provide activities such as kayaking lessons and horseback riding. The trails here are also fun mountain biking.

Kawela Bay is a secluded beach located at the western edge of the Turtle Bay Resort. It is protected by a large reef with its crescent shape and calm water. It's the home to a variety of marine animals. It is not as crowded as some of the more famous North Shore beaches such as Sunset Beach or Waimea Bay Beach Park. But, there are a fair amount of visitors who will come here during the weekend. During the week, there is typically only a handful of beachgoers.

The beach has a curved shape with calm water near the shoreline. It can be a very good beach for families and young ones, but note that there is no lifeguard here. On that note, there are no bathrooms, showers, or any facilities at all here. There are a few rocks and reefs off shore, but it's mostly sand bottomed. If you swim out about 25 yards, you'll be able to stand on mostly sandy ground.

The beach is ideal for calm water activities such as paddle boarding, swimming, and kayaking. However, it's not a great beach for snorkeling when the outside surf is big since churns up the silty sand. The beach is narrow, but allows for shady areas to park your beach towel and cooler. When you take a dip in the water, be sure to take a moment to look back and enjoy the view of the trees from that line the curved shoreline. It feels like you're truly on a lost beach in the Pacific.

The word Kawela means "the heat" in the Hawaiian language. Legend has it that the gods Kane and Kanaloa struck spring water from a rock known as why Wai-Kane to give life to a once waterless region around Kawela Bay.

Tom T
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An overall excellent beach that feels hidden away and is often not too crowded. One of my favorites on this side of the island.
Heather M
Joined: Mar 2016
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This is one of my FAVORITE spots on Oahu for relaxation and tranquility. This is a very private beach/cove and is easily accessible near Turtle Bay. Make sure to frolic through the woods and check out the banyan trees. This area was used for various filming scenes in the TV show LOST (where Charlie was found hanging) and also in one of the Hunger Games movies. When I visited this area, there were only two other people there. Very quiet! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Matt A
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Kawela Bay is a great hidden beach. During the week it's probably going to be almost empty, but even on weekends it's not likely to be overly crowded.

You have to park along the road and the walk to the beach is pretty short. Once there the beach is very long so it's easy to find a spot to call your own for the day. Many areas are shady by trees which is nice as well.

The sandy beach area isn't all that wide and there is a lot of tree debris in the sand. Otherwise it's pretty good all around. The water tends to be a little cloudy from sand so not great for snorkeling but excellent for swimming and playing. Note that under the water is sandy but it's also rocky so go slow or bring some water shoes.
Joined: Jul 2013
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Kawela Bay is a great beach to spend some time under a shady tree in a spot that is all your own. The sand has a lot of tree debris and that only slightly detracts from the beauty. There is a small cove at the east end where we save the biggest turtle that we have ever seen.
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