Haiku, Hawaii Guide

Haiku, Hawaii Guide
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Address , Haiku, HI 96708
Complete guide to the town of Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.

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Haiku Location

The Haiku area is actually part of a larger town called Haiku-Pauwela but the entire area is more commonly called Haiku. It's located along the north shore on the island of Maui with Paia to the west and several smaller communities to the east such as Keanae, Wailua, and Hana (much further east).

If you're traveling the infamous Road To Hana then you'll pass through this sleepy northshore town near the start of your route as the Hana Highway (36) passes through it.

Haiku History

The Haiku area has a lot of history associated with it when it comes to Sugar in Hawaii, or sugar in Maui to be more specific. In 1858 the Haiku Sugar Company was formed and began to grow and process sugar here at the Haiku Mill. By 1871 Samuel Alexander and Perrine Baldwin formed the Alexander & Baldwin company. Those names probably sound familiar and you can learn more at the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum and the Baldwin Home Museum.

In 1876 they began work on an irrigation system that would allow them to funnel the water rich Haiku area to the drier, leeward parts of the island many miles away. These irrigation ditches helped cement Maui's future in the sugar business but meant the end of the Haiku Mill which stopped operating in 1879 but is still open today for tours.

Later, the Haiku area became a pineapple plantation. What was once a pineapple cannery is now a shopping center called the Haiku Marketplace. Fast forward another hundred years into the future and one can only wonder if an old nails salon and check cashing store will be considered "Maui history". Probably not.

Haiku Attractions

First up, let's cover what is not an attraction here, because the name of the popular (but closed and off limits) Haiku Stairs / Stairway to Heaven Trail is often mistaken as being in Haiku when that trail is actually on the island of O'ahu.

As for beaches, this isn't a beachy part of the island due to the rugged coastline here. The closest you'll find to a beach is Maliko Bay Beach but it's not all that great. While not a beach, we do love Nahiku Cove and suggest you check it out. It's a great place to see from raw nature as powerful ocean waves crash onto the island.

You'll need to make an appointment to see the historic Haiku Mill but if you're into Hawaiian history it's worth checking out.

If you like to kick the tires and light the fires then check out the NorthShore Zipline Co or Jungle Zipline Maui.

Prefer to be at one with nature without the white knuckle thrills? Haiku really shines with nature activities such as the popular Na'ili'ili-Haele Trailhead (Bamboo Forest) Hike, Twin Falls Hike And Waterfalls, Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside Park, and Ke'anae Arboretum.

View all that Haiku has to offer here.

Haiku Fun Facts

In the Hawaiian language, the word Haiku means "talk abruptly" or "sharp break".