Top 12 Man Made Wonders Of Hawaii

Top 12 Man Made Wonders Of Hawaii
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See the top 12 greatest man made wonders on the Hawaiian Islands.

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1: H-3 Highway And Tetsuo Harano Tunnel

What took way too long to build, ran into way too many problems, and cost over $1.3 billion (in 1997 dollars)? The magnificent strip of concrete we call the H3 highway. At $80 million per mile, this man made marvel of engineering is one of the most expensive interstate highways ever built but it's also an incredible thing to see and drive on. Give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed. More at: H-3 Highway And Tetsuo Harano Tunnel

2: Iolani Palace

As impressive as it is iconic, Iolani Palace is the only royal palace in the entire USA. What was once home to actual royalty is now a museum that you can tour and explore. The structure was completed in 1882, in just under 3 years, all without the aid of the modern construction equipment we have today. It's an amazing place to see today but one can only imagine how incredible a building like this was back in 1882. More at: Iolani Palace

3: Byodo-In Temple

The Byodo-In Temple is a replica of a real temple that is located in Japan which is over 950 years old. The Hawaii version, built in 1968, isn't nearly as old and is much smaller but no less impressive to see in person. If you enjoy architecture along with some peace and quiet be sure to stop by. More at: Byodo-In Temple

4: The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum

The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum was built in 1889 by Charles Reed Bishop (co-founder of the First Hawaiian Bank and Kamehameha Schools) in memory of his late wife, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Bernice was the last legal heir of the Kamehameha Dynasty that ruled the Kingdom of Hawaii until 1872. Today, this place is the largest museum in Hawaii with the world's largest collection of Polynesian cultural artifacts and natural history specimens. Don't miss a trip here, it's both fun and educational. More at: The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum

5: Road To Hana

The Hana Highway, or Road To Hana as it's known, is a 64.4 mile long stretch of asphalt on Maui's north and east sides. It connects Kahului to Hana and is one of Maui's most popular attractions. It's far more than just a road but an adventure full of twists and turns, roadside waterfalls, amazing hiking access points, ocean views, one lane bridges, and overall fun times. It was even listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. Will you survive the Road To Hana (without getting sick from all the turns)? More at: Road To Hana

6: Pi'ilanihale Heiau / Kahanu Garden

The Hawaiian Islands are full of heiaus, or sacred temples. These are generally structures made from lava rocks and boulders. You'll find them all over the islands but none is larger than the Pi'ilanihale Heiau in Maui. It's construction dates back to the 14th century and it's 3 acres in size! It's hard to appreciate the massive of size of this place until you see it in person, which you should do. More at: Pi'ilanihale Heiau / Kahanu Garden

7: St. Benedict Painted Church

This church was built way back in 1899 by Father John Velghe who, without any professional training and using only house paint, painted a colorful masterpiece inside the church. Since few Hawaiians could read back then, he used his paintings as teaching tools. It's pretty amazing to see what somebody with a vision can create. More at: St. Benedict Painted Church

8: MuRyangSa Buddhist Temple

The Mu Ryang-Sa Buddhist Temple is a place you really have to see in person to appreciate what it is. Beyond being just an active buddhist temple, the architecture and detail here is absolutely incredible to see. On top of that, there is a peace and quiet here like few other places you're likely to experience. Give it a go, it's a true hidden treasure that few know about. More at: MuRyangSa Buddhist Temple

9: Aulani A Disney Resort And Spa

Look, I get it, I too can't believe I'm listing a hotel as one of Hawaii's best man made wonders. But I am, and if you visit Aulani you'll understand why. You don't need to be a Disney fan to appreciate what the Imagineers have created here. They've somehow managed to take pure Hawaii combined with one part crazy and three parts fun and created a truly magical place with detail that's second to none. Everywhere you look is detail on top of detail with more detail popping out. It's a feast for the eyes. Even if you're not staying here, walk through the property and you'll see why it's on our list. Bonus, you'll also get to see the incredible and also man made Ko Olina Resort while you're there. More at: Aulani A Disney Resort And Spa

10: Dole Plantation

The Dole Plantation is home to one of the world's largest hedge mazes (and being the world's largest in 2008) and it's a very popular tourist attraction. It's hard to appreciate the size of this maze until you're there, lost in its many turns. The maze stretches over three acres with paths that are almost 2.5 miles long with over 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants. Kids love the timed challenge of finding a set of hidden symbols but it's fun for adults too. It's probably less fun for the team of landscapers that has to keep this place in tip top shape. More at: Dole Plantation

11: The Big Islands Telescopes

Although they can be surrounded in controversy (see The Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea) there is no denying that these tools are impressive. The Big Island is home to some of the biggest and farthest reaching telescopes on the planet and that allows researchers to see into deep space and discover things about our galaxy and universe that would otherwise be impossible. More at: The Big Islands Telescopes

12: Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

What should just be a simple pedestrian bridge to cross a stream in Kauai's sleepy Hanapepe town has somehow become a popular tourist attraction. It's just a bridge so what's all the fuss about? Well, it swings. Apparently that's an interesting thing to many. Hey, nobody said this list was going to be just massive man made structures! Sometimes even the simple things are modern marvels. More at: Hanapepe Swinging Bridge