Kauai Itinerary - Day 6

Kauai Itinerary - Day 6
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A thrill and adventure filled day on Kauai awaits. Shock and awe it is then!

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Today is all about awe, adventure, new experiences, and possibly some white knuckle thrills depending on which of these items you choose to do. Ideally, you'll do them all because although you can do these activities in other parts of the world, nothing compares to doing them in beautiful Hawaii.

The first big one is going to be a helicopter ride so you can experience Kauai from above. This one will take some advanced reservations so view a list of Helicopter tour companies here and book this adventure as soon as possible.

Many of the chopper tours on Kauai fly out of Lihue Airport (LIH) and each company may offer a slightly different tour than the others. Some of the popular sites to see from the sky include Manawaiopuna Falls / Jurassic Falls which you'll recognize from the original Jurassic Park movie. Many will also fly over Waimea Canyon which you saw on day two (see Kauai Itinerary - Day 2) but watch how different it looks from the sky compared to on the ground. Finish up with a tour of the Napali Coast from the air and you'll be left breathless for sure. Hope you brought your camera!

Some of the tours will even give you some amazing views of Ni'ihau, Hawaii's forbidden island. While this island is off limits to most people, you can arrange a tour from Niihau Helicopters to get a chance to spend time on Ni'ihau which is another very unique and very special experience that few will ever experience since the island is privately owned and permission is needed to go there.

It's going be hard to top a helicopter tour of Kauai since many consider that the highlight of their entire trip. But let's trade inspiring awe for some white knuckle thrills! So what could possible bring white knuckle thrills on sleepy Kauai? How about a zipline! Kauai has a few zip line options to choose from which you can see here. Pick the one that you like the best and go on a thrill ride that's sure to create lasting memories.

Next, let's bring the thrill level down a notch and get back into adventure and new experiences mode with a trip down some old irrigation systems on the former Lihue Plantation. Sound a little sketchy, maybe even illegal? Not to worry, Kauai Backcountry Adventures has exclusive access to these "ditches" and a tunnel system that once irrigated vast sugar crops in the area. Since sugar isn't grown here anymore, these systems are now flumes you can tube down. That's right, plop yourself in an inner tube and float down the original lazy river. They allow anyone who is aged 5 and up and in generally good physical condition. If that's you then you'll certainly have a memorable experience tubing your way through Kauai.

We only did three main activities today but they were all major things so that was a pretty full day. If you have time left in the day why not hit the beach before grabbing some dinner. Or head back to your hotel and enjoy some poolside beverages, you've earned it!