Oahu Itinerary - Day 9

Oahu Itinerary - Day 9
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Ready for another fun filled day on Oahu?

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You've been here on Oahu for quite a while now and probably think you've seen it all but there really is quite a bit more to see. Today we'll go over several more fun options and we'll start with a hike.

If you'll remember back to Day 2, your first full day on Oahu, we had you hiking Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail or Diamond Head Summit Trail. If you didn't make one or the other of those hikes now is the perfect time to go and do the one you missed. If you've done both already, then Manoa Falls Trail is another great choice and has a waterfall payoff at the end.

Up for a little adventure? How about kayaking to the Mokulua Islands! Remember those two tiny islands just a bit off the shore when you were at Lanikai Beach, those are the Mokulua Islands or simply "the Mokes" as they're known. You can actually kayak (or boat, or stand up paddle board, etc) to these tiny islands and even play around on a small beach there.

If you know your way around an ocean kayak you can simply rent a kayak at any number of rental shops on Oahu, strap them to your car, and launch from Lanikai Beach all on your own. For the rest of us, you'll be better off finding a local tour company that will provide everything you need and take you on a guided tour. This is a much safer option for those of us who aren't expert kayakers. Some tour companies include Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks / Kailua Beach Adventures, Endless Adventures Hawaii, and Twogood Kayaks.

This is something that is sure to be unique and create long lasting memories. It's also something that your friends and family back home will be drooling about when you show them videos and pictures, so be sure to take a lot!

You're probably hungry by now so grab a bite to eat here in Kailua, there are plenty of options around here. The next suggestion is something pretty unique to Oahu and perfect for art lovers and that's a visit to Shangri La. You've probably heard that name but if you don't know what it is let me explain. Sangri La was Doris Duke’s home in Honolulu where she collected a variety of Islamic art. You can now take a tour of her home and art collection though you'll need to make advanced reservations, likely well in advance.

The tour actually starts at the Honolulu Museum of Art so this gives you a chance to visit the exhibits there as well. From there they'll shuttle you to Doris Duke's home and give you a guided tour.

That was a pretty good half day, or less if you couldn't get into Shangri La, so we still have time for more. The next choice really depends on your personal preferences but we're suggesting either a round of golf or spending some relaxing time at the spa. If you're a golfer then clearly that's the route for you and Oahu is filled with all sort of golf options, from award winning courses to mini-putt style for all ages.

If golf isn't for you then spend the rest of the day relaxing at a spa. If you're staying at a resort or larger hotel then chances are good you'll want to just use their spa since it will be most convenient. If not, you can either find a spa or simply book one at a resort you're not staying at (they'll happily take your money!).

Whatever you choose, you're sure to enjoy your ninth day on Oahu.