Manoa Falls Trail

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4.5 stars from 8 reviews
Address End of Manoa Road, Honolulu, HI 96822
Relatively easy hike with beautiful, lush vegetation and a nice waterfall at the end.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Photo Opportunity
• Hiking: Hiking • Hiking: Length: 0-1 Miles
• Hiking: Level: Easy • Hiking: Major Elevation Changes
• Hiking: Out & Back Trail • Sightseeing: Great Views
• Sightseeing: Waterfalls

Full Description
The Manoa Falls Trail is a 0.8 mile (one way), out and back style hiking trail in the Honolulu area of O'ahu. In September of 2018 there was a relatively major rock and mud slide here (from heavy rains) that closed the trail for a while. As of October, 2018 the trail is open to the public again.

The Manoa Falls Trail is an easy trail if you want to see a real waterfall. It's easy to get to and located in the middle of Honolulu, past University of Hawaii at Manoa and relatively short. There is an 800 foot elevation gain so it's not easy for everyone.

Also note that it gets very muddy if it's raining or has rained recently so plan on getting messy. We don't recommend the hike if it's wet if you can avoid it. On that note of safety, be sure to also read Hiking Safety & Essentials before heading out. There are tons of mosquitoes on the hike so where some bug spray.

For parking, the main Manoa Falls lot has been closed due to Vehicle Theft In Hawaii. Because, apparently, when theft is a problem we just close parking lots. That's how we deal with that problem! So you can now park nearby in residential neighborhood for free (where it is legal to do so) but you'll still want to be aware of break-ins and never leave valuables in your car. Or, you can park in the Paradise Park lot for a $5 fee (you'll see it on your right before you reach the trail). We also recommend stopping and visiting the Japanese Garden East / West on the way as well, it's quite peaceful.

Along the way you'll find plenty of beautiful plants and flowers on the trail. Dogs are allowed on this trail but must be kept on a leash at all times as hunting dogs may be out with hunters.

When you get to the Manoa Falls at the end be sure you don't swim in here. It's not just the Leptospirosis that might get you but the falls are a known landslide and rockfall area which can hurt or kill you. I know you see a person swimming in the photo above but this person must not be too bright and is not a role model.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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Who doesn't enjoy a hike with a waterfall at the end? This one is short but fun.
Nicole L
Joined: Aug 2017
Reviews: 30
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No joke. Please avoid taking kids, yes it is easy, but it does get very muddy and slippery! There is one point that people are coming down as you are trying to go up or vise versa and there's no rail to hold onto. Does get muddy, can say that it is easier going down as it is a mess going up. Don't be stupid and decide to climb rock and dive into this pool. That will make the state close yet another place people enjoy.
Sue K
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 196
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This trail was a lovely way to escape from the buzz of Honolulu, yet so close to the city. It is best to get there early as it can get busy, especially at weekends. The hike is fairly easy, only about a mile each way and the waterfall is spectacular. It was pretty muddy when we did it, so we had to take a little care. The lush tropical rainforest is beautiful and it is difficult to believe that it located so close to the city.
Joined: May 2016
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This was a great trail to a lovely waterfall at the end. It was a pretty easy trail, but we also came prepared. I saw people in flip flops, (not appropriate footwear) and it will make for a long, muddy hike. I didn't think that needed to be said, but from my experience apparently it is legit advice for some people! I loved being in the rain forest, my only complaint about this trail was how busy it was. It is a popular spot, so don't expect to get a great solo picture at the end. Worth the hike, though!
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 426
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Manoa falls trail was great. Not a hard hike just a gorgeous walk with lots of photo opportunities and then finally the waterfall. The scenery was just amazing. Make sure you check this out and bring the family. Well worth it and a great day.
Debra F
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 12
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Great hike to a beautiful water fall.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
Reviews: 579
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One of my favorite lush trails on Oahu. It's located not far from the University of Hawaii. The trail is easy to access off of a paid parking lot. The trail has a steep section and it's slippery and muddy after rain. Last time I went, I saw a couple of people slip and hurt themselves.

There are steps on sections of the trail. Most of the trail is covered with lush, beautiful fauna. A waterfall is at the end of the trail, but you aren't allowed to swim in the pool because of falling rocks. People sometimes sneak up off the trail near the top of the falls, but it's not permitted. The trail reminds me of the lush hikes on Kauai.
Mark A
Joined: Mar 2014
Reviews: 15
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Great family hike with good reward at the end. Roughly a two mile in and out with some rocks and mud that just about anyone can handle. Pretty fauna all along the trail. Congratulate your family with lunch at Helena's afterwards.
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