Oahu Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, & More Near La Tour Cafe

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Acapulco Mexican Restaurant in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
Good Mexican food on the cheap.
Jack in the Box in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
American style fast food. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, tacos, salads, and b...
Thai Village in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
Authentic Thai cuisine in Waipio.
UFC GYM Waikele in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
Get fit and rumble with some of Hawaii's best mixed martial arts fighters. ...
Waipahu District Park in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
Big City Diner in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
Good diner style food at fair prices.
Flamingo Express in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
Serving American and Hawaiian favorites.
Dave's Ice Cream in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
Outback Steakhouse in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
An Australian themed Steakhouse chain that is open during lunch and dinner ...
Waimalu Neighborhood Park in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
Pizza Hut in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
Located in the Gentry Waipio Shopping Center, Pizza Hut serves pizza, sala...
Taco Bell in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
Americanized Mexican style fast food. Some call it “Tex Mex”.
Kapiolani Coffee Shop in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
Local style diner for lunch and dinner plates.
Ted Makalena Golf Course in Oahu - Waipahu, Hawaii
This municipal course has 18 holes and is a par 71.
Kabuki Restaurant & Deli in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
This restaurant offers sushi and Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner in a...
Ezogiku in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
An Asian restaurant catering to customers whom wish to have Japanese entrée...
Christine's Lounge in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
Star Sports Bar in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
Cajun King in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
New Orleans, Cajun style Seafood dishes at lunch and dinner time.
Jackie's Diner in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
American and Hawaiian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Shiro's Saimin Haven in Oahu - Aiea, Hawaii
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