Maui Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, & More Near Waihou Spring Trail

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Waihou Spring Trail in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Short, out and back hike to Waihou Spring.
Kahakapao Loop Trail in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Multi-use trail for hiking, biking, and equestrians.
Kula Lodge in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Crater Coffee in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
A tiny food truck serving up coffee and some breakfast pastries on the way ...
Maui Stargazing in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Look at the stars through a high powered telescope.
Kula Treat in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Private, gracious apartment on residential street in desirable Upcountry Ma...
Maui Astronomy Tours in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Stargazing on the slopes of Haleakala.
Bike it Maui in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Guided bike tours down Haleakala.
Maui Lavender Cafe in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
This restaurant offers Hawaiian cuisine for a relaxing breakfast and lunch.
Skyline Eco-Adventures in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Cool wind in your face as you zip through the trees.
Piiholo Ranch Zipline in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Piholo Ranch Zipline in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Thompson Ranch Riding Stables in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Horseback riding adventures.
Skyline Hawaii in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Zipline tours.
Rumbold Sausage King in Maui - Pukalani, Hawaii
A food stand which specializes in the preparation of burgers, sandwiches, a...
Haleakala Visitor Center in Maui - Kula, Hawaii
Pizza Fresh Makawao in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Pizza, salads, and smoothies.
Casanova Italian Restaurant and Deli in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Serving fine Italian food.
Stopwatch Sportsbar & Grill in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
Serving burgers and American cuisine for lunch and dinner in casual sports ...
Tom's Barefoot Tours in Maui - Makawao, Hawaii
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