Hawaii Beaches, Hotels, Restaurants, & More Near Ni'ihau

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Ni'ihau in All Islands - , Hawaii
The mysterious and privately owned island of Ni'ihau.
Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) Barking Sand in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
The world's largest instrumented multi-environmental range.
Subway Barking Sands in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Fast and convenient American submarine style sandwiches with locations seem...
Shenanigan's PMRF in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Enjoy bar food and pizzas with great view of sunset with cool breezes comin...
Kekaha Beach Park in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Popular beach with locals. Great for parties and picnics but not really for...
Polihale Beach State Park in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
One of Hawaii's longest, widest beaches. Long, bumpy journey to reach it.
Kekaha Faye Park in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Auntie B's Cafe in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Auntie B’s Café is a great place to stop-over before heading to the mountai...
Captain Na Pali Adventures in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Na Pali Sportfishing in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Open ocean sport fishing excursions.
Na Pali Experience in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor in Kauai - Kekaha, Hawaii
Faye Family Museum in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
Small museum following the life of the Faye family and Kauai's sugary histo...
Kalapaki Joe's in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
A sports bar themed restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Waimea Plantation Cottages in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
Full sized cottages with full kitchens without the hustle and bustle of a b...
Na Pali Riders in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
West Kauai Technology & Visitor Center in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
Small cultural and historical museum.
Coconut Corner in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
A little hut along the road going to Waimea Canyon. They sell the freshest ...
Shrimp Station in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
The Shrimp Station is open for lunch and provides a casual dining environme...
Island Taco in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
Quick serve Mexican cuisine with tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and taco sal...
West Inn in Kauai - Waimea, Hawaii
This small hotel is locally owned and operated, and offers a stop for trave...
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